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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pictures from ATV's "Central Affairs"

Here are a few pictures from ATV's "Central Affairs." (The series starting Michelle Ye, Raymond Wong, Pinky Cheung, and Co.) Enjoy!

P.S. The stabbing scene looks quite dramatic and scary. Michelle's face looks like something out of a horror movie. *Yikes*
[X] credit: ATV Gallery

Myolie, Sammul, Liza at New Series WRTL function

After Life Made Simple, new series When Rules Turn Loose will start airing Wednesday night next week. Yesterday a bunch of the actors and actresses including Liza Wang, Myolie Wu, Sammul Chan, Ha Yue and others attended a reporters function. TVB especially prepared a big cake to congratulate Liza Wang on getting the Best Female Lead and Ha Yue for getting the Best Supporting actor awards.

As with the release of this new series, Myolie is a bit worried about it. She is worried that the audience is still focused on War of In Laws and will think that she and Liza will still be arguing with each other. This time they are actually playing mother and daughter.

After entering the showbiz, Myolie has been working every Christmas, but this year she can actually go on vacation. Too bad she broke up with her boyfriend, so she is planning to host a party at her new house. She was asked if her friends had introduced new guys for her. She laughed and said, "They are afraid to introduce them because I am very busy with work so I can prevent being complained by him for not seeing him." As with her requirements, she says he needs to have a permanent occupation, likes cats, but doesn't have to be too handsome to prevent any chaos.

Also, Sammul Chan is currently busy filming for Bar Benders. After entering the showbiz, it is his third time being a lawyer, but he dosn't think it is getting boring.
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Rain Li Reveals Her Waist At an Award Ceremony

Last night 2R wore black outfits to an award ceremony. Even though older sister Rosanne had a back baring dress, younger sister Race also had a little low neck. But compared to Li San San and others, they were of course not the center of attention. Recently a fan have shown them a self-made website and reminded them to look at it. On the website was pictures of their heads pasted on naked bodies, revealing the 'three points'.

After seeing it, 2R wasn't sure whether it is really funny or if they are really angry. They are currently discussing the event with their manager, hoping to find the source soon because they are afraid the pictures would be published.

Last night Rain Li revealed her tiny waist at the ceremony. Reporters asked if that's the only thing she is revealing. She said yes because she thinks her waist is the prettiest part of her. She expressed that alot of girls wear deep v shirts for a sexy look, so she picked revealing her waist instead. She also thought that some girls with big chest are scary, but they still go for plastic surgery for their chest.

[X] credit: xbunnylicious, Stephy

TVB: Petty, Gracious or Simply a Miscommunication?

Recently, Michelle Ye has fronted two serials that are airing on TVB and ATV. While TVB seems to have chosen to leave Michelle out of their publicity efforts, ATV has not. To that, Michelle could only grimace and suggest that TVB might have other plans for publicity.

Next month is a good period for Michelle. Not only will her movie Moonlight in Tokyo 《情義兩心知》 with Leon Lai be screening, her two serials The Herbalist Manual and Central Affairs are also showing on TV. Although the two serials are not airing at exactly the same time, nonetheless, it was difficult for TVB and ATV not to display their rivalry. With TVB choosing to leave the lead actress (Michelle) even out of TV trailers for The Herbalist Manual, it show that TVB was not that gracious after all.

At the dinner yesterday, Michelle tried to explain that this might all be a miscommunication, and that she felt that TVB would not be so petty. Michelle’s outfit yesterday was extremely casual. When asked she said that her outfit the day before was quite sexy, but it was not necessary to always were something with a deep “V”.

Director Wong Jing would be filming a new horror movie, Policeman with a Third Eye 《鬼眼刑警》,and Michelle and Pinky Cheung would be starring in that.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ron Ng: Guys With Armpit Hair Are Manly

Yesterday Ron Ng, Stephy Tang, and Jan Lamb attended an APM function. When
Jan saw Ron's dark skin on stage, he said to him, "Do you always go tanning from those tanning lights? Does TVB think the darker the more popular?" Ron laughed and only said, "I usually go sun tanning, not from the lights."

How does Ron keep his looks? Ron expressed that he always uses mask, particularly for his eyes. He said, "I usually use tea bags and cucumbers to get rid of the black bags under my eyes." Other than tanning and drink water, Ron would use at least two or three times mask. He was asked whether he had shaved his armpit hair for being handsome, he said, "Guy that have armpit hair are man! (Do you have alot?) It's okay, it's not too messy. (Will you be like Beckham and shave down there?) I've never thought of it! If my future wife requests it, then I would consider shaving it!"

Stephy thinks that guys these days are caring more and more about their appearance. She remembers a guy friend who has a habit of shaving his armpit hair, but Stephy disagrees with it, she said, "Guys are man if they have armpit hair!"

[X] Source: the sun
[X] Translation: xbunnylicious