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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Rain Li Reveals Her Waist At an Award Ceremony

Last night 2R wore black outfits to an award ceremony. Even though older sister Rosanne had a back baring dress, younger sister Race also had a little low neck. But compared to Li San San and others, they were of course not the center of attention. Recently a fan have shown them a self-made website and reminded them to look at it. On the website was pictures of their heads pasted on naked bodies, revealing the 'three points'.

After seeing it, 2R wasn't sure whether it is really funny or if they are really angry. They are currently discussing the event with their manager, hoping to find the source soon because they are afraid the pictures would be published.

Last night Rain Li revealed her tiny waist at the ceremony. Reporters asked if that's the only thing she is revealing. She said yes because she thinks her waist is the prettiest part of her. She expressed that alot of girls wear deep v shirts for a sexy look, so she picked revealing her waist instead. She also thought that some girls with big chest are scary, but they still go for plastic surgery for their chest.

[X] credit: xbunnylicious, Stephy


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