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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ron Ng: Guys With Armpit Hair Are Manly

Yesterday Ron Ng, Stephy Tang, and Jan Lamb attended an APM function. When
Jan saw Ron's dark skin on stage, he said to him, "Do you always go tanning from those tanning lights? Does TVB think the darker the more popular?" Ron laughed and only said, "I usually go sun tanning, not from the lights."

How does Ron keep his looks? Ron expressed that he always uses mask, particularly for his eyes. He said, "I usually use tea bags and cucumbers to get rid of the black bags under my eyes." Other than tanning and drink water, Ron would use at least two or three times mask. He was asked whether he had shaved his armpit hair for being handsome, he said, "Guy that have armpit hair are man! (Do you have alot?) It's okay, it's not too messy. (Will you be like Beckham and shave down there?) I've never thought of it! If my future wife requests it, then I would consider shaving it!"

Stephy thinks that guys these days are caring more and more about their appearance. She remembers a guy friend who has a habit of shaving his armpit hair, but Stephy disagrees with it, she said, "Guys are man if they have armpit hair!"

[X] Source: the sun
[X] Translation: xbunnylicious


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