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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

TVB: Petty, Gracious or Simply a Miscommunication?

Recently, Michelle Ye has fronted two serials that are airing on TVB and ATV. While TVB seems to have chosen to leave Michelle out of their publicity efforts, ATV has not. To that, Michelle could only grimace and suggest that TVB might have other plans for publicity.

Next month is a good period for Michelle. Not only will her movie Moonlight in Tokyo 《情義兩心知》 with Leon Lai be screening, her two serials The Herbalist Manual and Central Affairs are also showing on TV. Although the two serials are not airing at exactly the same time, nonetheless, it was difficult for TVB and ATV not to display their rivalry. With TVB choosing to leave the lead actress (Michelle) even out of TV trailers for The Herbalist Manual, it show that TVB was not that gracious after all.

At the dinner yesterday, Michelle tried to explain that this might all be a miscommunication, and that she felt that TVB would not be so petty. Michelle’s outfit yesterday was extremely casual. When asked she said that her outfit the day before was quite sexy, but it was not necessary to always were something with a deep “V”.

Director Wong Jing would be filming a new horror movie, Policeman with a Third Eye 《鬼眼刑警》,and Michelle and Pinky Cheung would be starring in that.
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