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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Joey's 3 Song Not Match For One Denise Song?

This year’s Chik Chak Award Ceremony will be held on this Sunday. There have been reports saying that Joey Yung has lost her gold place as ‘Best Female Singer’ to Denise Ho. To this issue, Joey said, “I am happy for her!”

Although Joey has 3 hit songs this year, 明日恩典, 天之驕女 and好事多為, it is no match for Denise’s song, 如無意外 , causing her to win the gold ‘Best Female Singer’ award. This is a surprise to many people. Yesterday, when attended the press conference for a charity, when asked to comment about Denise winning, she expressed that she does not know about it but if true, she is happy for Denise. Joey is happy that she has won 8 awards at ‘Metro’.

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Ella Koon Tries Her Hand At Auctioning

Ella Koon attended an auction yesterday, and she said she would do her best to sweet talk the audience into buying the products. Ella said she had frequently fallen victim to the sales pitch of salespeople. Once she had bought a $5,000 slimming equipment only to find that it was not effective later on. Hence, Ella warned everyone to be more careful when shopping. She laughed and said that because she could not resist the salespeople’s persuasion, she has ended up with a lot of “rubbish”, with items long past their expiry date, or clothes that she had not worn in years.

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Stephy: Eating No Meat Keeps You Healthier

In the past years, female celebrities are keeping their thin healthy figures, and Stephy Tang who doesn't really like to eat meat, joined the group also. She also joked that she has to make a clear distinction between her friends that eats meat!

Females are born to want to be pretty even risking their lives. Some people eat healthy food and some use machines to help them lose weight, Stephy was once refered to as fat, but looking at her body, she seems to be more of the standard type; therefore she has not used any machines to help her lose weight. But lately she is caught up with just eating vegetables and no meat. She believes that it helps the digestive system and keeps you healthy.

Stephy had no intention of eating only vegetables, she said, "Around 2 months ago, I had a sudden urge to eat it, and it was successful! Eating no meat actually works so I continued on! I usually don't liket o eat meat and only eat vegetables and tofu, so it's not a big difference for me!"

Alot of Stephy's friends are carnivores so she joked that when they have hot pot together, she must seperate the food! She said, "Ater not eating meat for a while, I feel like I'm more clean and healthier than before. My skin also became alot smoother so I am very pelased!" Stephy believes that eating vegetables keeps you healthy and it also has alot of varieties and combinations.

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Tavia & Ella Are Not The Perfect Match For Ron

After Ron Ng became the heavily promoted 'Siu Sung', rumors also followed him. Ron was first rumored with Tavia Yeung and Ella Koon, but he actually only loves the 'short version' of Kelly Chen.

Ron is the prince to many girl fans, when asked about his requirements for his other half, he said, "I like mature girls, as with the body aspect, not too skinny and not too tall. Kelly Chen is a bit too tall. I don't want her to wear low-heel shoes just for me!" As with his two rumored girlfriend Tavia and Ella, he said, "Tavia is very active and lively with a boy personality, but she is not mature enough. As with Ella, she has a very 'american/foreign' personality. It's very exciting to cooperate with her, but we don't have much to say to each other usually, so I like more of an outgoing kind of girl."

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Andy Lau Says That Future HK Movies Will Be Great

Being Chinese Movie 100 Year's Ambassador, his movie - Infernal Affairs was also being selected as one of the Top 100 Movies, Andy Lau thus become one of the artistes that catches attention.

After attending the Chinese movies 100th year anniversary at Beijing, he spend some time to be interviewed.

Reporter ®: It's towards the end of 2005, looking back at your movie career, which part are you not satisfy?

Andy (A) : I hope to improve in comedy. Love On A Diet and Needing You were more local Hong Kong comedies. I hope I could follow Stephen Chow to film some international stuff.

R: Ever thought of becoming a director?

A: I've no plans of becoming a director, I won't rule it out, this is about chances, currently I hope to do well on my part as an actor.

R: Will you collaborate with Maggie Cheung in the near future?

A: We did discuss about it, we would like to collaborate, we're looking for scripts at the moment, we'll collaborate when a good chance comes, I won't just any how collaborate with her just to show to the audience.

R: You said that movie is like a dream, have you ever thought that how long you would like to continue this road in chasing your dream?

A: Dream does not come as you wish, you can't find it when you woke up. Therefore, on when to wake up, when to end, I really don't know.

R: What's your first intention in investing movies?

A: I invest beacuse I like it, but some movies that I like might not be accept by the market, not all investments has returns, the returns may not be for myself, it may be on others. I hope my movie company, other than movies doing well in the box office, it could also promote artistic movies. Good movies and new directors require time to nurture, need the time to get pregnant.

R: How much had you since invested in movies?

A: I invested around $25000,000. The distribution of movie is very important, take Wait 'Til You're Older and All About Love, I think they are good, but nothing I can do in distribution, thus unable to let many people understand our production.

R: You focus on new directors, what's your expectation of directors?

A: Many people feel that one whom films artistic movies are true directors, did everyone know that Wong Kar Wai's first movie is a commercialise movie. Hope new directors know that, if you want to continue to film movies, you must maintain your own target.

R: You invested in a Thai movie?

A: Correct. Because other than Chinese movies, the movies throughout Asia should gather together, this is another kind of togetherness.

R: This year is the 100th year anniversary, what you think of the current status of Chinese movies?

A: I think that we still have a large space to improve. The market for Chinese movies does not lose out to American, but we still need to improve on movie's theme and technic, Chinese movies will be great in the future.

R: In recent years, collaboration between Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan had increases, everybody collaborate to dig the Chinese culture element and produce several good movies, we can see for the future, will you think such collaborations will create a new success in Chinese movies?

A: I think it will, because Chinese movies should gather people of different countries to film it. Different countries had different acting style and themes, if we really can combine different flavours into one movie, it would be great!

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Elaine Yiu As Leading Actress For The First Time

Elaine Yiu has been in the entertainment circle for merely 3 years. From being a host, Elaine began starring in TVB television dramas. Her characters in these dramas varied from having a clownish personality to doing evil deeds, her roles can be said to be changing every time. Her supporting role in ‘Revolving Doors of Vengeance’ as the evil cousin as earned her a role in the new television series, 鐵血保鏢, as the leading actress.

Being the leading actress for the first time, Elaine says, “Being the leading actress for the first time does put a lot of pressure on me. Thankfully, the leading male actor in this drama, Steven Ma is experienced and has helped me a lot. In the short time as an actress, I have portrayed different kinds of people. My roles can be divided into good and bad characters, making my image change frequently. (Do you want to become the changing queen?) That is my goal, hoping to bring entertainment to viewers.”

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Flora Chan's Christmas Spirit

It has been over 10 years since Flora has spent Christmas with her family. Many people say that Flora Chan is cool, that while she has been acting for 10 years, she has been hiding her true personality.

When Flora wanted to go to HK to work in 1994, she had a big disagreement with her family. Her ex-husband was the only source of support, but their marriage ended as well. Flora has returned to the unconditional love of her family. In the past, she would only go back home once every 3 years. This year, she has returned twice. "The last time I went back was in the summer. I held on to my father and mother's hands and we walked on the beach together. I will always remember that moment."

This year, when the Christmas tree was lighted, Flora did not have her husband nor boyfriend beside her. "I know hold to handle things so that I am happier now. I still believe that I will get married again one day. I like children a lot and I think I will become a mother. Besides, I still have time."

Fighting With Parents
Flora's Christmas tradition is like this: her parents, elder sister, younger brother, and kids all get together. Her elder sister is the best cook and would usually prepare Christmas dinner. After dinner, they exchange gifts. They do a Kris Kringle and each member of the family draws a name as to whose gift they would buy. This year, Flora drew her parents' names. She already bought gifts in Hong Kong for them.

Flora say that she has learned to communicate with her parents only in the last 2 years. When Flora was only a few years old, her father immigrated to the U.S. Flora lived with her grandmother and didn't see her parents much. Her father originally worked as a Chinese dance choreographer. After he arrived in Boston, he labored in a restaurant. He learned English, finished his degree, and returned to teach dancing. Flora is proud of her father for accomplishing everything on his own.

Flora got married when she was 23 years old. Later she decided to go to Hong Kong to work. Flora's parents protested vehemently, as they had struggled very hard to settle down in the US and didn't want Flora to return to the old world [Asia]. They were worried Flora would fail. "My parents thought my personality was too stubborn and didn't listen to others. I wanted to explore the world, that's why we argued a lot."

Parents Want Granddaughter
After arriving in HK, Flora hosted a program on TVB's Pearl channel. Then she became an actress and was extremely busy in the next few years and could only see her family once every 3 years. Last year, Flora left TVB and found a new manager. She now has more personal time and has been able to return to Boston in the summer and winter, staying 2 weeks for each visit.

"Now I have more time to spend with my parents. They have grown older and I want to create more memories with them. After people retire, they tend to be more lonely. When they are sitting home, I want them to be able to think about the happy moments with their daughter."

This summer when Flora returned to Boston, she wanted to surprise her parents. She only notified her friends to pick her up at the airport. However it's been 2 years since Flora was last back and she got lost on her way to her parents' new house. It's been a long time since the last family reunion. When she saw that her sister-in-law was pregnant, Flora was tearful. When she took her parents to the beach, they had a long conversation. "My brother is having a son and my sister has a son as well. My parents said they want a granddaughter and the hope rests with me."

Flora tries her best to make her parents happy. When they came to visit her in HK, she covered all the expenses. But as for a granddaughter, this is harder to achieve in the short term.

Not Having A Boyfriend Is A Shortcoming
When we asked Flora if she has a boyfriend to spend Christmas with, she said a bit disappointedly, "No. Having a companion in life makes it more beautiful. Sharing is very important. My life is 95% complete and just lacking the remaining 5%. It's just a matter of how you look at it. I tell myself I have achieved 95%, instead of focusing on the 5%."

Flora likes children. She believes that she will become a mother. In 2000, she separated with her ex-husband. Five years later, her ex-husband has found another girlfriend, but Flora hasn't yet. Past rumored relationships include Moses Chan and her manager, Chung Ka Hung, and Flora goes on the casual date, but she has not found that special someone yet.

"Whether it's being an actress, a daughter, or a friend, I have improved in all these roles. I believe that if I were to get married again, I will be a better wife."

Acting As A Traditional Woman
After leaving TVB, Flora acted in "Great Adventurers" which is being broadcast on ATV now. The impression of her character is that she is very traditional. In the past, Flora would not have accepted this image. Since her first series, "Files of Justice V" to "Triumph in the Skies," Flora has acted in many roles; playing intelligent women is her trademark.

"The big difference acting outside of TVB is that when I sign on to a series, there is just a sketch of the story. During the development of the script, I can add my input, which increases my enjoyment of acting. In the past, at TVB, I sign on after the script is finished, so there is not much room for suggestions."

Flora received the "My Favorite Female Actress Award" at TVB. During those 7 years, she has enjoyed fame and fortune, but she did not want a structured routine for work. She wants to explore opportunities outside.

Like A Farmer Farming
"For the past 9 months, I was not in HK. I went to China and filmed an English series in Singapore. It was the first time I acted in English and it felt much more natural." When Flora first returned to HK, she had difficulty reading the script in Chinese. Her ex-husband helped her translate. Following Cantonese, Flora wants to learn Mandarin and continue to improve. She realizes that her popularity in HK is slowing down, but Flora feels it is worth it.

"When I was filming in China, everyday I had to travel to the movie studio. I would pass a road and see a farmer working very hard on a small plot of land. He was very focused and content." This observation made Flora want to focus on her own miniscule, non-attention-getting work. It is like the farmer whose hard labor results in crops that grow taller each day. Lately, Flora has started to write her own English column. In China, many music companies have wanted to sign with Flora. She hopes that during her Christmas break in Boston, she can compose a song so that for her next album, she can pursue a creative track.

"TVB has been contacting me to film for them, including 'Triumph in the Skies II' (the sequel has been abandoned now). But I didn't accept the role since I didn't have time in my schedule. There is a big possibility that we will collaborate again next year."

In the TV world, there is a new generation of fa-dans every 3 years. In 2006, Flora will have left TVB 3 years and a new generation has arisen. Flora, who likes to rise to the challenge, can treat it as a new working environment then.

Flora has a very distinct opinion, especially in fashion. She may not wear the borrowed designer clothes for a photo shoot. In preparing for the shoot, we e-mailed her in advance the clothes that we had selected for her. Flora's answer was that she would prefer to wear her own clothes. While shooting the pictures, Flora didn't want to pose like a model. "It's very unnatural; I can't do it."

Finally I saw a side of Flora that was uncool during the shoot. Her assistant went to buy egg tarts and Flora, biting into the hot egg tarts, looked so cute. If only Flora had allowed us to take a picture of her eating, her image would be much more personable, but she didn't.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mandy Chiang's Great Grandmother Had Passed Away

Yesterday Don Li and Mandy Chiang was at their new album's autograph session, but Mandy is found to be sad as her grandmother had died. But she didn't want to affect her work, so her only choice was to temporarily put everything at the back of her head.

After the function, they had received an interview and Mandy expressed that her beloved great grandmother had past away yesterday. Because of sadness, she had been messing up on everything. But she didn't want her friends to worry, so she tried to hold it back as best as possible. She said, "She went into the hospital at the end of last month. She wanted to live until next year so she could see me release a new album and recieve an award in the award ceremonies. But it's a pity that she left me after only seeing me release an album. I'm really sad, but I think she wouldn't want me to cry so I will hold it back!"

During the function, the host requested Don and Mandy to imitate a bunch of kid dancers in Latin dance. But their imitations had caused everyone to laugh instead. Don said, "My butt hurts, maybe I had sprained. I think I have done it, but Mandy just couldn't follow along. I hope next time I can do even harder dances for everyone to see!"

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Fiona Lures Louis Koo To Join Waner Music Co.?

Yesterday, Fiona Sit, Shawn Yue, Wilfred Lau and Kary Ng accepted an interview together. There have been recent reports saying that Fiona ‘lured’ Louis Koo to join Warner Music Company. When asked to comment on this issue, Fiona said that she did not do anything and that she did not know Louis at all. But she hopes that Louis will join Warner and expressed that if the reports are true, it should be a happy thing because more people will be under the company’s management.

There have also been rumours that if Louis official joins the company, he will be taking over Aaron Kwok’s place as the leader of the singers. Fiona stated that she believes that no one can take over anyone else because everyone is special in different ways. Even though Fiona has not heard Louis sing live, she has heard his albums and believes that Louis sings with passion. Fiona also likes watching Louis movies. When asked if she will have chances to work with Louis, Fiona said that it is up to her company.

When Kary arrived yesterday, she gave all the singers Christmas pudding. She explained that she had to cancel her meeting with them on Christmas day because of work. Shawn said happily that he won money on Christmas and paid for everyone’s meal.

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An Interview With Yoyo Mung

Most artistes would love seeing themselves making the headlines, but Yoyo Mung is an exception. She said that she is very fearful of headlines, as they are generally not kind to the artiste involved. Fearing the inevitable pressures that come with being in the news, Yoyo would rather not make any news. All she hopes for is to one day move people with her acting, act in a role as popular as Lisa Wang’s War of In-Laws, and to be a good person.

Yoyo has been in the business for 8 years, and her path to stardom has been pretty smooth. She first started out with leading lady roles in the moves, acting alongside actors like Lau Ching Wan in Expect the Unexpected 《非常突然》and Andy Lau in Running Out of Time 《暗戰》. She then turned her focus to TV serials in recent years. To many of Yoyo’s initial fans, this was a big surprise, for given her criteria, they felt that she would have made it bigger if she had continued to stay on in the movie industry. However, Yoyo has a different opinion.

“Life is full of different paths and different choices. The movie industry is not doing very well now, and even actors need to be able to support themselves. I am very happy to have gained support from some of the big movie directors, but I can only film 1-2 movies a year. With serials, I still get chances to act in leading roles and to act in roles with character development, so I don’t see it as being very different from acting in movies. Besides, with TV serials, I get more opportunities of being recognised by the audience as compared to movies.”

Drawing a line
Yoyo cares very much about her career in the entertainment business, and she also knows how the game is played. However, she has certain principles that she feels very strongly about. “I don’t like to create rumours, and I hate the headlines. I understand that the more headlines one makes, the more notice you will get from your audience. However, I prefer the audience to notice me based on my acting skills and not because of the rumours surrounding me. And if I do make it to the headlines, I hope that it will be good news, not bad. Take Angela Tong for example. After so many years, she has finally gained recognition with her win – I was so touched! I firmly believe that as long as you can act and as long as you try hard, the audience will know and appreciate it.”

Her goal for the moment? “Right now, most people would describe Yoyo as “ok”. I want to be more than “ok”. I hope to be able to immerse myself in the characters that I play, and I hope that in the near future, I would be able to have my own definitive role like that of WOIL, that the audience will like.”

Learning from Aida
Other than Liza Wang, the other person that Yoyo admires a great deal is Aida Choi. Although they aren’t that familiar with one another, she is full of praise for her. “She’s not only pretty, a firm Christian, but she also treats people with warmth and sincerity.” Yoyo, who is also a Christian, said that she hopes to learn from Aida and be a good a person as she can be.

A rocky romance path
Being as pretty as she is, Yoyo is highly eligible, but every relationship she has been failed to bear fruit so far. Her ex-boyfriends have also found someone new very soon after ending their relationship. There has also been rumours that her best friend has been a third-party in one of her relationship, so it seems that Yoyo has been the one hurt the most so far.

“Firstly, I would like to clarify that she was a friend, not my best friend,” Yoyo said. “Actually, it is all water under the bridge now. I am not desperate for a new relationship; I won’t die just because I am single.”

Being the “loser” that she has been so far, shouldn’t she reassess herself to see where the problem lies? Yoyo replied smilingly, “I don’t think I have any problems with myself. Relationships are all fated anyway. However, I don’t really have any confidence about romance and relationships, maybe because I was an ugly duckling when I was young. I was awkward and gangly, and was the butt of jokes. As such, I don’t really have very much self-confidence, and I don’t find any security in relationships. However, having grown older, I don’t take things to heart that much, and I believe that the process, rather than the ending, is more important.”

Romance is not the be-all and end-all, and although she has been hurt before, Yoyo maintains her positive outlook on life, and for now, her career and family comes first for her. “My signing on with TVB this year has been the best move I’ve made so far. Actually, the day of the contract signing was actually my birthday, and TVB had bought me this big birthday cake. I was so touched! It’s this sense of concern that makes me feel a sense of belonging to TVB.”

Happy Family
Yoyo’s relationship with her family has been on the mend these days. When she was younger, she was separated from them, so their relationship has always been a little cool. However, things have improved, and Yoyo and her family often meet for tea nowadays. This improvement has been a source of strength and satisfaction for her.

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Kelly Chen Attends Opening Ceremony of McDonalds

On Sunday, Kelly Chen attended the opening ceremony of a McDonald’s chain store in Macau by a helicopter. On the day, Kelly, a McDonald’s executive and politician were organised to start the ceremony. To thank Kelly for attending the ceremony, McDonald donated $150 000 to Kelly’s ‘Kelly Chen Children Education Fund’.

This is the second time Kelly has come to Macau to attend an opening ceremony, when asked if she knew why she was popular among the people opening stores, Kelly said, “Maybe I bring wealth to them! I had a chance to light the fire crackers! I have not done that before, I only see it on television. When I lit it, I was so scared! The sound it makes is so loud! I had to cover my ears until it stopped!”

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Rumoured Couples On Stage Recieving Awards

At the Metro Hit Award Ceremony held on Sunday, many rumoured couples were sighted. Alex Fong, Ronald Cheng and Twins were on the same stage receiving awards. On stage, Ronald shook hands with his rumoured girlfriend, Charlene. However, Alex did not shake hands with his rumoured girlfriend, Gillian. At the after party, Alex said, “When I was in the restrooms doing my business, I was suddenly called upon to go on stage. So without washing my hands, I rushed out. I did not shake hands with Twins. But I could not reject Ronald’s request to shake hands.”

Twins expressed that they were unpleased with the sudden change in organisation, deliberately making them go on stage with Alex and Ronald. They said, “We did not know about it beforehand. We are not happy because they did it on purpose. At other ceremonies, we will not tell the organisers not to do it, but we hope they will not do this anymore.”

On the other hand, Gillian commented on how sweaty Ronald’s hand was. Charlene then said, “Shaking hands is manners!” When talking about Alex not washing his hands, Charlene laughed but Gillian said, “Why did he not wash his hands. Washing your hands is hygienic."

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ron Ng Happy That Ella Koon Won An Award

Ron Ng, Yan Ng and Rosemary attended a digital entertainment function. Ron loves playing video games, especially when filming because it can be boring before getting into place. When asked if he was obsessed with playing video games, Ron said that he once spent 10 hours playing a video game without any rest. Ron said that he is a smart shopper and will ask people for their opinions on a video game before purchasing it.

Ron, who attended his first music award ceremony on Sunday night, was the recipient of the ‘Hit Karaoke Song Award’ but did not win any newcomer awards. Ron said that he is happy with what he won as it recognises his effort. When asked if he was confident in winning awards in the coming award ceremonies, Ron said that he became a singer not because of awards and because the other singers are so ‘powerful’, he is happy that he is able to participate at such events.

On Sunday night, the organisers made Ron and his rumoured girlfriend, Ella Koon, be on stage at the same time, was he embarrassed? Ron said that he did not feel anything because Ella was on stage and that it is normal for Ella to be on stage as she is a singer. Ron is happy that Ella received an award because she has worked hard. When asked how he spent Christmas, Ron said that he bought a new mobile phone for himself and spent a five figure number on presents for his colleagues. After entering the entertainment circle, Ron is use to spending Christmas at work. When he was a dancer, he finished work at 11:45pm and had to rush home to spend the last few minutes of Christmas with his family.

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Ron's Unforgettable Christmas Presents

Ron Ng was at a shopping center attending a Christmas event yesterday, attracting a huge horde of fans. He said that he had bought Christmas gifts for his family and close friends. Of course the reporters seized the chance to ask if he had bought a gift for his rumoured girlfriends, Ella Koon and Niki Chow.

To that, Ron replied that he had not. When asked if he was saying that in order to prevent more rumours from spreading about them, he replied, “well, we don’t really have an opportunity to meet up. If I do meet up with friends, I will normally bring a gift. This year, I’ve spent a five-digit figure on gifts including those for my colleagues at the record company and my choreographer!”

Ron’s Christmas was especially sweet this year; he had won a prize for the Hottest Karaoke Tune 「新城勁爆卡拉OK歌曲獎」 at a music awards ceremony last night. “This is my most unforgettable Christmas present to date. There were so many veteran singers watching me performing my winning song on stage,” he said.

He was so nervous upon hearing that he had won the award that he forgot to thank his fans during his acceptance speech. Luckily, he was able to make up for the omission later successfully!

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Angela's Sparkling Investments

Angela Tong attended a Christmas event yesterday. She revealed that she had spent the festive season working. When asked if she had exchanged gifts with her boyfriend, she evaded the question, and said that her mom had given her a Christmas gift. When the reporter pressed on regarding her boyfriend, she revealed with great awkwardness that they had not been able to meet up, as they had been too busy recently.

She said that she was trying to make as much money as possible now that there were so many opportunities to do so. She said that unfortunately, whenever she wanted to save, there would always be some expenditure that she had to spend on.

Why didn’t she invest in a house then? Angela replied that she would not consider this, as she would need to put a huge sum down as a down payment. Instead, her friends have taught her to invest in buying diamonds with that came with certificates, as that was more secure. She said that she did not know much about diamonds before, but she had been picking it up recently. When the reporter said that she could get her boyfriend to buy her diamonds, Angela replied that she would rather buy them herself.

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Sammul's Shocking Love Letter From A Fan

Sammul Chan has been busy filming 'Bar Benders' recently, and he even had to work over Christmas. However, he received two memorable gifts this Christmas. The first was very touching, while the second was extremely shocking.

The first was a gift from his Bar Benders director. As he had never received a gift from his director before, the feeling upon opening the present was priceless. The second was a love letter he received from a Mainland fan. He was shocked when he came across the letter. The entire envelop was in red, and it also enclosed a bloodstained tissue. He was so shocked that he threw the letter away. The fan has expressed her wish that Sammul treat her as thoughtfully as he did to Myolie in When Rules Turn Loose.

Sammul had been romantically linked with Myolie before, and now that Myolie and Bosco were supposedly dating, the reporters asked Sammul jokingly if he minded Myolie being “snatched” from him? He laughed and said that since they had never been in a relationship, the term “snatch” would not apply. However, he also said that Bosco’s tactic of sending 600 SMSes to woo the lady was too tough to beat!

When asked if he would use the same tactic himself, Sammul replied honestly that he wouldn’t, because he finds it too much of a hassle to send so many SMSes. One or two SMSes a day was ok, he said, but he said that everyone treated their other halves differently. So does he believe that the Boscolie romance is true? He noted with amusement that that the magazine report (the one that broke the news about the 600 SMSes) had bothered to check up Myolie’s number in order to make their claim, so he feels that the report might have some truth to it!

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Eason Wins 6 Awards, Eason's Father Is Proud

It has been almost 2 years since Eason has been up on stage to receive an award, he is back and for the first award ceremony in 2 years he grabbed 6 awards. He expressed that he is satsified and the live audience is very intense. The thing that he enjoys the most is the live performance right after winning an award, when winning an award, all your emotions are thrown into the performance right after. When he was performing his "Most Admired Song" (voted by the audience) 浮跨 (Exaggerated or Empty Boasting) to end the night, he was distracted because Hacken was behind him playing around with him.

When Eason was asked about his father attending the award ceremony and if his father was happy for him, Eason replied that his father is proud of him. When asked if he is confident in winning awards in ceremonies after this one Eason replies, its hard to say because each award ceremony has their set of rules. He also says that award ceremonies makes him most nervous because you don't get to rehearse, if you win you have to get up on stage immediately and sing to the music they play for you which you won't know if its right for you.

When asked about this years winners being different, Andy Hui and Nicholas Tse not getting an award, Eason says that every award ceremony has their own way of giving out awards. (Then he uses the word "foot" and makes a metaphor, which I don't know how to explain.) Awards are just a game of numbers. There is other news that points out that Eason's upcoming concerts are not selling well. Eason replies that he has never paid attention to news like that and won't care about news like that. All he cares about is the production put into creating the concerts and giving his fans the concert they anticipate because answering to the fans is most important. Giving the fans the concert they anticipate is answering to them.

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Lam Fung: Spending Christmas Alone

This christmas, let's look forward to 'money'! 'Normal' people like us will wonder how the rich spend Christmas, and exactly how grand it will be. Going overseas on a skiing trip? Exchanging presents that cost thousands each? Or booking a whole restaurant to celebrate Christmas with family and friends? I (the reporter) chose to do this interview with Lam Fung, simply because he's wealthy enough.

Coming from a wealthy Lam family - with a wealthy businessman dad, a granddad who's in politics - and living in a midlands mansion, driving a sports car, wearing designer goods... more importantly when the weather is cold, he can coop into his mansion's large thermal swimming pool (!!). He has all the privilleges of the 'upper-class' people. Who else makes a better candidate for this interview?

"I haven't celebrated Christmas for a long time... I've even forgotten what goes into a Christmas dinner!" he said disappointedly. "Piang!" was what he said destroyed the main aim of the interview, and also destroyed my desire to bring to readers what a 'Grand Christmas' is like.

"I do wish to be like you all; to walk on the streets and experience the Christmas spirit; to look at the lightings, the people, and the decorations in the shopping malls..." he looked at me and smiled. His desire for that sort of Christmas far exceeded my desire to find out how a 'rich people' christmas was like. Do we envy this Lam Fung?

Feeling Different
He cannot remember which year was it that he had his most memorable Christmas in his life, till his age now at 26.
"I was only 10 then, and my family and I went to Tsim Sha Tsui. We strolled and looked at the Christmas decorations. Did u know, HK's street is the world's only place with a one way pedestrian walkway? My family and I, while walking in the crowd, admired the decorations. I was really happy because there was this family happiness. It was really heartwarming," Fung said excitedly. Fung described the scene to me in much detail, with alot of hand movements. It was as if he had returned to that day, and every detail, situation and scene was described well. Well, this Christmas that has been in his heart for so long has not faded yet. It is still as colorful.

After entering the entertainment circle at 18, everything has changed. He said, "Now almost every Christmas is spent working. When I look at my schedules for December, I always have to be filming a serial. So, I haven't celebrated Christmas in a long time. Even though I do not have any serials to film this Christmas, and I very much look forward to spending it with my family and friends, I think my manager is getting more jobs for me... so I have no choice..." Fung said that he is not really disappointed at this arrangement, because he's already used to it and has prepared himself mentally. "I've only had once when work ended early on Christmas Eve, so we rushed to celebrate with friends. That was good enough for me," Fung said with a smile. Fung said frankly, being an artiste has destroyed his chances of having a good Christmas. "Even if I ignore people's stares and have a walk with my family again, even if the people do not look at me pointedly, that kind of feeling is never the same again" (This is quite sad!! )

Living Alone
Actually, living in a big house is not necessarily good news. As I listened to his fading Christmases, I suddenly remember that he still had a family full of warmth to return to. I suggested, "You can always go and have a Christmas feast with your family after you finish your work!"

"I have always been living alone... because my dad's business is based in China, he lives there.. so my mom and younger brother moved there too. My younger sister is in the University there, while my brother is in secondary school, so it's easier for my mom to take care of them. Our house in Hong Kong has only me left..." he said.

Aaahh....? (the reporter said)

So, Fung said his life is not as colourful and exciting as others make it out to be and envy him for.
"There was once when I woke up in the middle of the night from my sleep suddenly. I looked all around and realised there was not a single soul in sight. That was then that I realised I felt very empty..." (I felt so heartbroken for him at his point of time!!)

"So what happened after that?" I (the reporter) asked.

"After that, I went to look at my dog and played with her for a while. Then I went to make myself a cup of milk.. Then I went to sleep. Ahhahh." That night was unforgettable for Fung, because he came face to face with loneliness. (Oh man!)

So if given a choice to give someone a present, Fung will choose to give it to his family. And this gift will be to have a reunion and have a great Christmas feast. "Simplicity is beauty. I think this is the only present they want, because we really have very little chances to meet up," he said.

Even though everyone wants to drive a sports car, live in a mansion and wear designer goods like Fung, isn't it better to live in a crowded flat with a simple life like us? Something that Fung wishes for? It's the mere idea of 'to each is his own delight' (?? Something like... Fung thinks they are doing well, they think Fung is doing well).

Lastly: A Well-Wishing Phrase Is Enough
Upon asking him what Christmas present he wants to receive, he said that a well-wishing phrase is enough. "I really hope that the audience can say something like 'Keep up the good work' to me, because this is the best encouragement I can get on a Christmas which I have to work on," he said. I (reporter) understand, because as a reporter, I have to work even on public holidays.
He added, "This is also because I am not missing anything in my life. Only my soul needs some sort of encouragement to fill it. Thus, words of encouragement or anything else to heal my soul is very important to me."

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Leehom Rested On A Young Man?

That can't be it. Leehom fell asleep on a young man's body in public! On one of the pages in Leehom's Xin Zhong De Re Yue Music Script, there is a picture where Leehom was resting on a cute young man's body and fell asleep. Leehom slept well and seems like he felt safe, so who's this young man? Reading carefully, we realise that that cute young boy is Leehom's younger brother Wang Lee Kai.

Leehom's parents are both very successful. Leehom' father is a doctor and his mother a teacher. All three of the Wang's sons are great too. The elder brother is a Harvard Medical School graduate who married another Harvard Graduated doctor. Leehom graduated from a great arts university and Lee Kai is now studying in MIT. Leehom says "Only my younger brother has an IQ higher than I do."

Leehom says, he is older than his younger brother by 9 years and loves him dearly. When he went to Shangri-La, he took Lee Kai with him. Throughout the journey they took care of each other and supported each other and took many beautiful photos.

Wang Lee Kai is only 20 years old, however he has written 2 pages in Leehom's music script and talked about the brotherhood between him and Leehom. From his writing, we can tell how much he adores his brother.

Lee Kai wrote (was written in English and translated into Chinese, now re-translated back into English) "When I'm with Leehom, whether we are somewhere close to home say in Manhattan, or we are all the way in Europe say Greece, people recognises him. I know sometimes Leehom wants to have his private space and be able enjoy going to watch a movie, buy a book or a CD just like everyone else. He wants to be able to go out for a walk outside with a girl and not have to worry whether their photos will be published on tomorrow's newspaper."

Lee Kai wrote "If you ask me what is the thing I most want to learn off Leehom, I would say I want to be able to do everything with the passion and determination he has".

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TVB Makes Bosco & Myolie Choose Love Or Career?

Bosco and Myolie are part of the bunch of TVB actors that bring in money. After Bosco won the 'Most Improved Award,' more money has been pumped into these two, so of course TVB prefers that there are no rumors. When they were filming WOIL, there were the rumors as normal, so TVB told them to be careful how they act, but after news came that Bosco sent Myolie 600 love sms, they started to worry TVB execs, and they received a secret memo warning saying that no matter if the rumors are true or not, it cannot continue or start, in fear that it will affect on their careers. After the romance was discovered, Bosco and Myolie changed her relationship to an underground one, but TVB 's warning tells them to really think about what’s more important, their career or their love life.

TVB's response came from their main producer, Miss Lok. She says that she really know of these rumors from the tabloids. The two of them have many chances (for series) and hopes that they take advantage of these chances. When asked about the memo " to tell you the truth, if we have time we do talk to the actors, and if there are rumors that will affect their career, we will say something. But Miss Lok says that TVB would not interfere with the actor’s personal lives.

The relationship...was because of Liza Wong.

Bosco and Myolie have both been in TVB for some time now, but when they came together this year for 'War of In Laws,' they fit together perfectly, and the person who brought them together was: Liza Wong. During filming, she really took a shine to her son and daughter-in-law and would say that they looked very good together. She would also set up events so the two of them could get to know each other. All the actors on set said that Liza really should drink the "sum pao cha" when the time comes, but at that time Myolie had a boyfriend, they never took off until the middle of this year, when Myolie and Bosco changed their agent and had the same one, Myolie breaks up with her boyfriend of 4 years. Being single again, they teamed up as spokespersons, and because of the large amounts of time they spent together, they were really able to communicate, but this time was their "fight time" and a relationship isn't good for business, so even if they had "clicked" they couldn't admit it. A reporter called Bosco to ask, but because of his hectic schedule, and days without sleep, he had to use his 1 hour of rest to answer " I just won the "Most Improved" Award so I have alot of series set up for this year, so I really have no time to think about relationships and romances." When asked if him and Myolie had a chance, he answered" No one knows what’s going to happen in the future, I'll tell you when I get there". When asked if he received a memo warning from TVB, he said that he had to get back on set. There had been no response from Myolie yet.

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Bernice's Black Christmas

It was a black Christmas indeed for Bernice Liu! Currently busy filming The Mighty Swordsman 《強劍江湖》, she attended a family reunion at Lan Kwai Fong on Christmas Eve. The streets were extremely crowded, and Bernice had her hand around her mobile phone in her bag as a precaution. However, her attention slipped for a mere 5 minutes, and her mobile phone disappeared! This is the first time that Bernice had lost her phone in the four years that she has been in Hong Kong.

She had the numbers and photos of over 40 artistes stored in her phone, and among the numbers were those of Myolie Wu’s, Sonja Kwok’s and Bosco Wong’s. When asked if rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan's photo were stored in the phone, she evaded the question. Although the numbers were coded, and Bernice was sure that the person who stole the phone would not be able to identify the numbers, she was still worried that her friends would be harassed if the numbers were ever exposed.

However, what was sadder for Bernice was the loss of her beloved pooch’s photos (of Ah Mac as a baby, the pictures of his wife, Bailey, and images of their first meeting) that were stored in her phone. She does not have a back up of those photos and she hoped that some good-hearted person will return the photos to her.

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Bosco's Prince Charming Look For Christmas

Bosco was all dressed up in his Prince Charming outfit to attend an event at the New World Centre Shopping Centre on Christmas yesterday. As he had to work the day before, he said that he did not have the opportunity to attend any Christmas parties. As to whether he had SMS-ed Myolie (as he did not have an opportunity to meet her), he evaded the question by saying that he had sent several hundred SMSes to friends wishing them a Merry Christmas.

A magazine had reported that Bosco had been at Mong Kok recently with friends, getting sloshed on red and white wine, and he had then driven back drunk. Bosco was rather unhappy with the report, and he pointed out several inconsistencies in the report. For instance, it stated that the total bill was $200, and Bosco asked how it was possible to buy several bottles of wine with that amount. He also said that he was not drunk.

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Ming Pao Daily

Myolie Likes Guys That Play The Piano

Myolie Wu and Matthew Ko were amongst the judges for a Hong Kong Piano Prodigy Competition 《全港鋼琴演奏新秀賽決賽》. Although she cannot play the piano, she professes her admiration for guys who can play. Although Matthew has a Grade 10 certificate, she said that she had no “feelings” for him (because he was too 'gentle'), but if it was Jay Chou, it would be a different case altogether.

As to how she spent her Christmas Eve, she said that she was a cashier at a friend’s souvenir shop. When asked if she had gone out with rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong, she replied, “Of course not! I was busy helping out at my friend’s shop. The customers had all wanted to take photos with me, and the boss decided that only customers that spent $500 and above would be able to do so. But I had a happy Christmas!”

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Charmaine Cooks For Mum During Xmas

Yesterday Charmaine and Joe Ma were filming outdoor scenes for their new series "Phoenix Quartet". Coincidently, both Charmaine and Joe doesn't need to work on Christmas. For Charmaine, she had prepared a sumptuos meal for her mum and it took her five hours to cook them. "It's been a long time since we celebrate Christmas together. The oven haven't been use for two years so I decided to cook on my own. We spend 5 hours waiting (for the turkey) and my mother told me: "Next time, I'm cooking!" When asked whether she invited Benny Chan over, Charmaine replied "It's just us mother and daughter!"

As for Joe, he spend his holiday with his wife and son.

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Charmaine Reminds Girls To Be Careful While Xmas Partying

Tonight is Christmas Eve but due to work, Charmaine was unable to celebrate on that day. Though this year Charmaine couldn't go celebrating, she once did partied until she was heavily drunk so she's reminding girls to go with trusted friends and keep a tab on their personal belongings.

Charmaine remembered that she almost fell victim to spiked drinks. "I was studying back then, and I came back to HK on holiday. I went to the disco with a female schoolmate and took a drink. I don't know whether the drink was too strong but it made me feel strange. I realized something is not right and I decided to leave immediately. Thankfully I manage to reach home before collapsing."

So, what's her advise to girls? "You have to be careful when going to parties, don't go alone and take 3-5 friends along, so that you can watch out for each others. Also, be careful of what you drink."

Charmaine's mum who has been living in Hawaii returned to HK recently. It turned out that due to hectic work schedules, Charmaine has not celebrated Christmas with her mum in 10 years. However, this year's Christmas is very meaningful to Charmaine. She smiled "I recently won some money at Macau horse racing and I gave half of the prize money to my mum. In the past, I use to draw Christmas cards for her as well but nowadays I'm too busy to do so. This year, I hope I would be able to draw one for her."

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Translation: Charmaine Interview With Xpweekly

This is not the first time interviewing Charmaine Sheh. Speaking frankly, it is always the usual methods when interviewing her, therefore writing a 2000 words article was a little hard. Looking at the list of questions in hand, I have my reasons to believe that Charmaine has already prepared her 'official' answers in advance, but she is the type that still answer unexpected questions.

Question 1: After entering showbiz for eight years, why haven't you resort to revealing yourself sexily?

"Everyone has their own styles, I'm not saying taking those revealing photos is bad, but I'm a low-key person, plus I personally think that my image is OK enough."

The answer was expected. Question 2: All these years you have being called as "Dey Jing" (coy), what is your opinion on this nickname?

"Isn't it better for a woman to be refined and gentle? I think it's fine for a woman to be coy!"

This answer was also anticipated. Question 3: Recently there is rumors of Charmaine breaking up with Benny Chan, and she was caught going to his best friend Ting's house...

"First of all, my relationship with Benny has not progressed to that stage, so why would there be any break-ups? Ting and I are just friends, I went up to his place because he helped me to buy some health products. Those photos were taken during broad daylight, what can I be doing?"

My relationship with Benny has not progressed to that stage. That answer was definitely unexpected. In another way, it also meant that there is possibilities progressing further with Benny Chan. Because of the infinite definition in her answer, the world will continue to be curious of her relationship with Benny.

Charmaine was Miss Hong Kong 1997 second runner up. The disputes from front stage and backstage of MHK1997 was more then enough to keep the tabloids pre-occupied.

In front stage, there were a lot of hot favorites for the crown of MHK1997 like Virginia Yung, Lana Oliveriro and Pauline Yam, so no one noticed much on Charmaine. On the other hand, in backstage, second runner up Vivian Lee announced that she is getting married with James Wu. In the end, it appears that Virginia Yung is the winner of both front and backstage.

When both Vivian and Virginia is busy fighting over a man (James Wu), Charmaine already started filming series. No one ever expected Charmaine, who barely captures their attention back then, was now having a successful career in entertainment circle.

"Six months after MHK pageant, I was already filming my first series. Afterwards, TVB offered to sign me under their management and thus I've filmed series for eight years.

I remember that my first year in entertainment circle was the hardest, I got confused with the studios and always stand on the wrong spot (during filming), I felt so useless.

Actually, I don't enjoy fighting with other people, but I'm the kind of people that want to win. Saying that I'm terrible in acting? Then I'm bent on improving my acting! But when I started to improve, people say I have a 'chick' voice (high pitch), therefore I read newspaper aloud daily to practice on my speech!

Afterwards, someone said that I purposely sounded that way, and even nicknamed me as "Dey Jing". I was really unhappy back then, I could not understand they picked on me? I was born with this voice, I can't do anything! Plus, it's not a sin for a woman voice to be coy, isn't it better for a woman to be refined and gentle?

The truth is, after all these years I've learned not to let those gossips affect me. Now, I will never change myself just because of one comment from anyone."

Starting from MHK, Charmaine has entered into a world that there is always fighting. In the MHK pageant, there's fight for fame and fortune, in TVB there's struggle for the top status. The jealousies between the actresses are very commonly shown up in tabloids, they stopped at nothing to gain attention, even to the point of revealing themselves. In addition, every year during TVB anniversary celebration, the competition was amplified with actresses fighting to get hold on the awards. However, Charmaine being one of TVB actresses, says that she doesn't enjoy fighting.

I've (the reporter) also attempted to persuade Charmaine to take revealing pictures for by promising to feature her in our magazine covers . However, her manager directly told us that "Charmaine never like those types". Thus ended any chance for further discussion.

"Actually I've tried those so-called sexy magazine cover, but I'm a low-key person. Though I don't think taking sexy pictures is bad, but it's just not for me!

I think my image now is OK, I don't like comparing with others so I will never go to take those revealing photos or do sexy magazine covers. Because this is me. In my opinion, all an artiste need to do is to portray their role wholeheartedly. That is already good enough.

In regard of the question why I was always in TVB Anniversary "My Favorite Actress" award category, what does that has to do with me? The award was given by others, and not by fighting over it!"

You're saying I'm very obedient (to TVB)? I admit that."

Benny Chan Ho Man
May people assumed that Charmaine and Benny's relationship was an open secret. However, last week a tabloid claimed that Charmaine went up to Benny's best friend's Ting house, insinuating that their relationship has turned sour. Charmaine said that she is not dating Benny, but at the same time does not deny that there is no possibilities at all between them.

Therefore, if one day the media caught her holding hands with Benny, you can't say that Charmaine lied.

"What I'm able to say is that my relationship with Benny has not progressed to that level yet. Actually, he's always away from HK, but strangely whenever he returns here, our pictures will show up on tabloids.

Our time in HK is very limited, therefore the chances of seeing us together is even more rare. I do not dare to say that we don't have the possibility of developing, but something very important is lacking; that is Time. Anyway, let's leave it it progress naturally.

Being caught going up a male friend's house? In this world, it's either male or female! Nowadays, no male friends are willing to go out in public with me. As if I'm having disease, it's so miserable!

I've even tried going to the movies alone, because even if the media took my pictures, what they'll just say is that "her heart is broken, watching movies alone", at least it won't drag my friends into it. When I'm going out with my friends who is not from entertainment circle, they will worriedly ask: "Will my pictures appeared in tabloids tomorrow?" I don't know how to answer and can only ask them to bear it silently.

Actually, I've coped with losing my freedom. Even my apartment, I've never opened all the windows since I moved in. Imagine buying them for several millions and yet you're unable to enjoy the view!"

The last time doing an interview with Charmaine, we remember that she longs to have her own family. Perhaps it was influenced by her father passing away when she was 5 years old, and her younger brother was sent out to study overseas, leaving her feeling lonelier.

"I wished for a big family, but this need time to plan out. I originally planned to get married by 27 years old and enjoyed a couple's world with my husband before having our own children by 30 years old. Because I like kids, I want to have a least 3.

But the plan remained a plan, as I'm already 30 years old! I realized that these things can't be planned. However, who knows when I'll find the right guy and get married, have kids?

Every woman wants to have both love and career. But if I have to choose only one of them, I will choose career. I think that there is no need to rush for relationships, plus I'm not considered ugly so I can still find the right one after a few years."

In another perspective, if being too pre-occupied in love now, she will never have the same career opportunities again in several years. This is, a realistic question.

Asking Charmaine what's her feeling after turning 30 years old?

"Nothing special!"

If it's really according to what she said regarding not dating, for a woman who has turned 30, shouldn't she be a little anxious?

"I never worried about that. Maybe a surprise after a few years, who knows? Moreover, I don't look like 30 years old!"

The question is not whether looking like 30 or not, but coming from MHK, her youth does has time limit. I (the reporter) think that love is something unrealistic, plus with all these money making opportunities, I'll also don't want to miss it! After listening, it appears that the 32 years old me also deeply agrees her opinion.

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X'MAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alec Su: I Will Never Hurt My Lover

"I had once been cheated, and it was very painful. To me, loyalty in a love relationship is extremely important. I would rather sacrifice my imperfect love than to cheat."
From an idol singer to an acclamined star, not every famous artist can successfully change from one stage to another. Presently, Alec Su is still walking this road of change. He doesn't want the audience to remember him as a little tigher. Since, Alec has transformed into a matured man. Switching his career from Taian to mainland, Alec has dazzled again on stage. Not only that, but he also possesses great fashion taste. Now, as his fans are starting to get married, he is still single. However, this doesn't mean he never endured the prickling pain of love. Moreover, he is a very romantic man who does a lot for his lover.

You can always manage to grasp the latest fads? Right?
I won't disagree with your comment.

So you are a very fashionable artist?
I think so. I am very suited to be a fashionable artist. I know what fashion I should wear in order to fit the atmosphere.

Going to social events, what brand names do you usually wear?
At large events or fashion shows, I, of course, would wear classic brands such as LV, Gucci,etc. Usually, I would just wear Polo. Polo's cotton material is very comfortable.

Do you go shopping abroad very often, like some female stars do?
No. HongKong is already good for me. It has all the brands I want to buy and can communicate in the same language...hehe

Do you think dressing up is mind boggling?
Yes. Everyday, I have to think what I need to wear and how I am going to match the clothes. It's really a hassle. Now I have a stylist, which is also my manager (Amy), so there is not much burden anymore.

At different events, you will have different thoughts on what to wear?
Yes. In real life, I don't wear expensive clothes because they are a burden. You have to be careful not to damage any part. I wear casual clothes a lot, and I don't really care about brand names. For instance, in summers, I would just wear T-shirts that could be bought on the streets. However, I also spend alot of money on fashion. I have to buy many different clothes for different events.Sometimes, sponsors would give me clothes, but I don't alway get the chance to participate in their fashion events.

Apart from spending your money on clothes, what else do you do with your earnings?
I am definitely not a genius in investment. I just invest in real estate or save the money in the bank. Actually, I don't earn that much. Life cannot be squandered away, so I can't spend everything at once or else there is no money left. My life quality is very good, but I am not wasteful.

You can lessen your career plans, then you can live more fully.
Compare to previous years, my goal now is not to work for money. I am not saying I stop working when I have a break. To me, no work is like taking my soul away, feeling very empty. In Taiwan, I can't stand staying at home. I am always busy going out, making me busy. I would usually chat with friends, go out to dinners, exercise.

If you had a girlfriend, then you wouldn't feel so cramped or empty when stuck at home. Now, have you met anyone you like?
I am still waiting for my love. On and off, I would have some relationships, but now, I'm still single.

Of course, you are always busy. Keeping a relationship needs time!
Yea, I know. That's why when I meet a girl, I have to see if we have chemistry. Then, I'll judge her personality if we fit together. For me, when I find a girl that I am attracted to, I usually observe first to see if she likes me. If she doesn't have any feelings for me, then I would just keep quite. But I don't like girls who are very outspoken and bold when it comes to relationships.

How do you usually hit on a girl?
First, I would get her phone number. Then, I might text message her and say stuff like it's getting cold, wear more clothes to see if she gives me a reply.

Have you ever been romantic to your girlfriend? And what romantic things did you do?
In my early twenties, I was very romantic. So I would always set up special romantic atmospheres such as going out at night. In taiwan, there is warm springs up in the mountains, we would go up there to savor the night scenery. Then we would chat, talk. At home, sometimes, I would light up candles and give her a surprise. Now when I think about it, those are very special memories. But after that time period, I have since been very busy working, so there wasn't any time to do stuff like that. Presently, two lovers hugging and watching movies together at home is already romantic enough for me.

Are you used to breaking up?
No, breaking up is very hurting, especially the you deeper you devote your feelings to that relationship. Everytime I start a relationship, I would always start with a mindset that I want to live with my lover forever, and I am very serious about that. But even if you want to be with that person forever, there will always be some problems along the way such as distance or work schedule, etc. Sometimes, it' because I am not matured, or I spend too much on work and devote so less in love.

Will you two timing your girlfriend?
I definitely do not two timing. This is certain. I had been cheated before, and I know how painful it is. So I am not going to put that pain onto someone I love. The problem to breaking up is always between two people, not because of someone else, or it would be too cruel and painful. To me, loyalty is the most important thing in love. I would rather sacrifice my imperfect love than to cheat.

Have you ever praised your girlfriends?
Of course, I would do it impulsively. Most of the time, from my attitude and eyes, people can already find out.

Do they ever praise you?
No, hardly. hehe. Women usually don't directly praise men, and my girlfiend won't do that because we are too close. They just consider me as a good guy.

How do you usually make girls feel that you love them?
I look at love seriously and considers it an important subject. I would find some really delicious restaurants for them to dine or think of unique things that would make them happy. Since I cannot cook nor do laundry, I have to work extremely hard to hire maids to help me.I am not a very expressive guy, In the middle of a passionate relationship, I don't really like to work. hehe

Really? You are not working very much recently!
haha I knew you would ask that question. But, recenlty, I don't have a new relatinship. I just want to change my career plan a bit. Now, I don't want to shoot too many money-based productions; I would like to shoot more artistic films. For instance, I just worked with Qing Hai Lu in the , I think her acting is extraordinary.

What impression did Qing Hai Lu leave you with?
I think she is a very simple and intelligent woman and knows who deserves her friendship. We are very straightforward with each other and chat honestly. She even said that we are just like two little kids.

You guys are now best friends?
Yes. Actually, I don't have too many best friends in the Entertainment Circle. Even though you see people gathering in diffferent functions, when you go home, you are not likely to have the opportunity to make friends. Qing Hai Lu is a very practical girl, and she treats friends with honesty and support. I like her very much. When we finished shooting the move, I was still reluctant to leave.

Do you like girls such as Lin Zhi Ling?
She is very pretty and I admire her beautiful inner soul. Her eyes effuse generosity. I also admire the way she answers questions because they shape her to be a very nice person.

The women around you, do they ever spill their private life to you?
Sometimes. You might not know, but I am a good listener and a good buddy. Before, friends would meet in KTV or bars to hang out and chat. Now that I am turning into a buddhist, I don't drink anymore, so I hardly go to night life places.

After you quit smoking and drinking, what kind of effects did they have on you?
Every part of life, there is difficulties for us to solve. Now, I am clearer than ever that life is the most important thing. Money, status, fame don't need to be put so much attention to. Nonetheless, achievement in career is still very important to me. I still have some road to go before I get where I want in life.

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