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Sunday, December 04, 2005

98.8 interview: Translated (Part 1)

Part 1 – Myolie & Ron

Myolie apologized for her 'coarse' voice and Ron jested that it was quite sexy. This was the 2nd time Myolie went to 98.8 station while it was the first for Ron. What is Ron’s impression of Malaysia?

Ron: I actually came here a few times in the past. Malaysia is a clean place, the fans are passionate, and a wide variety of food, beautiful scenery and the buildings are very unique.

Myolie: Eh, since when you have time to pay attention to the buildings?

Ron: On our way in the car…

Myolie: We are so pitiful.

DJ: Just that? Did you pay attention to other factors such as the guys and girls here?

Ron: For me, seeing Myolie is enough…

Myolie: Excuse him; I don’t know why they (Ron, Ray & Sonija) keep picking on me since we arrived!

They chat about visiting Malaysia and the souvenirs they bought.

Myolie: The previous time I came, I bought 16 pairs of shoes.

Ron: 16?!

Myolie: Yeah, the shoes in Malaysia are beautifully designed and cheap too!

Chat about visiting Ampang Old Folks home and also the growing trend of purchasing box set to re-watch TITS.

Ron: Well, if I have the chance to re-watch TITS, I’ll pay attention to Myolie’s performance.

Myolie: Ok, I’ll pay attention to yours too.

DJ: Do you re-watch your series?

Ron: Yes. I’ll normally watch it before being released, to review on my performance.

DJ: Do you watch the whole series? Or just some parts?

Ron: I watched every episode.

Myolie: No, I skipped through it (only watch my own part).

DJ: What’s your most memorable role?

Ron: TITS. It’s because of this series that more people start to pay attention to Ron Ng. It’s also my first significant role. We have to thank our mentor Francis Ng for the success.

DJ: Are you all afraid of Francis? Was he stern?

Ron: I think you better ask Myolie. The rest of us were a little scared of him.

Myolie: Yeah, sometimes he’ll pull us aside to scold us. Like “Why are you like this?”

Ron: He never said that to me though…

Myolie: But I think it’s more to frustration as he has a heavy responsibility to teach us newbies.

Ron: Yeah, I was often pulled aside by Francis to ‘talk’.

Myolie and Ron were busy drawing sketches. Beforehand, Ron’s “Don’t Blame her” was aired.

DJ: Ron, are you the type that forgives easily or keep grudges? (referring to the song)

Ron: It’s more people not to blame me… (laughs). I mean, I offended a lot of people…

The DJs then proceed to read out the sms messages from fans.

Ron, will you consider setting up a fan club in Malaysia?

Ron: Well, I wouldn’t mind. That is if I have fans here (are you kidding us?!). I often left messages at Ron Station.

Your EP is coming on mid-December. Will you come to Malaysia to promote your album?

Ron: If the album sells well, I believe the record company will arrange for me to come here again. Most of the tracks in my album are fast tempo.

Okay… this is a bit funny, but I guess we’d still read it out: Is your father Ng Man Tat? (The whole room breaks out in laughter)

Ron: Hahahaha… I don’t think so. Or else I would have become a comedian actor!

Myolie, we heard you singing at Times Square last night and we feel that your voice is nice. Are you interested in singing field as well? Have you sang any series theme song before?

Myolie: Yeah... I recently sang the themesong for War & Destiny.

The fans here miss you. Will you come to Malaysia again?

Myolie: I will. After all, HK is just a few hours away… (laughs). I’m sure if you keep supporting us and TVB series, there’ll be more chances of us visiting Malaysia again.

Ron: Yeah, I hope I’ll have more time meeting my fans here. Frankly, I never toured the places in Malaysia (the schedule was tight).

Any New Year wishes? Or Xmas plans?

Ron: I think the younger generation likes to celebrate Xmas with a bunch of friends.

Myolie: I think Xmas is romantic.

Ron: Sadly, I have to work this Xmas. It’s a show.

Myolie: I have work on Xmas, but I’m free on Xmas eve.

Tell us your plans for coming year.

Ron: For me, I’ll be busy promoting my album and also choreographing the dances for my songs. In February, I’ll be filming a modern series with Damien Lau.

DJ: I’ve read in some articles that Damien never re-watch his own series because he always gave his best while filming.

Ron: Yes, Damien is a great actor. I remember during filming “Find the Light”, he often ‘pull’ me and Bosco aside (to teach them). We were quite new back then and he teaches us a lot.

Myolie: I’ll be heading to Mainland China for three months to film a new series with Raymond. The rest have not been planned yet.

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