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Sunday, December 04, 2005

98.8 interview: Translated (Part 2)

Part 2 – Raymond and Sonija

The DJ welcome 2 very beautiful people in the studio. “Double Dragon” (TOB themesong) was aired and Raymond was asked to give a little introduction to it. Ray felt a bit queer at the request and he sort of said that the song was a fast track one (they all laughed because it’s a matter of fact). They also asked if Sonija felt better today.

Sonija: Thank you, I feel better today after getting some rest. I was still filming before coming to Malaysia and I’d only slept 2 hours.

Ray: Yes, she was feeling sick yesterday.

Sonija: But I’m more refreshed now. We normally sleep as much as we can when there is opportunity! But we also don’t sleep too long as we’ll feel tired.

DJ: How long can you sleep?

Sonija: Well, 10 hours at max.

Ray: And you said that is not long? Then, to be considered ‘long’ you must sleep 10 hours, wake up and sleep another 10 hours, right?

The DJ was curious how they have such stamina as they have tight schedules (filming, event, etc).

Sonija: Well, willpower is important.

Raymond: It’s funny because we won’t get sick when busy filming but if there is a long break in between, we’ll fall sick!

Sonija: The cast were always supportive of each other. I mean, we all receive the same amount (salary). The others can be punctual, arrive earlier...

Raymond: So why can’t we do the same?

Sonija: Therefore we try to give our best like others did.

Any Xmas plans?

Sonija: I have filming on that day (sound sad).

Ray: Haha, this year Xmas is my first where there’s no filming. But I’m not sure whether I’ll have shows or not… mostly have to.

Sonija: Yeah, we have to earn our living too.

Ray: For us, a holiday is never a holiday. Instead, we’ll feel strange if we’re free on holiday!

Malaysian audiences are quite familiar with you both as we saw plenty of your series. For Sonija, we’re more familiar with her evil roles, it’s so wicked that we feel like slapping the character’s face.

Sonija: Yeah, I know (laughs). Like stabbing and pushing Charmaine down the cliff, right? And I killed my own mother in PITNOL.

Were you worried that you would ruin your image taking this role?

Sonija: Yes, at that time, I struggled whether I should accept the role. After all, the role will clash with MHK’s image. But now, I won’t hesitate to take such role. I remember back then the producer keep persuading me to accept this role. “Take it, it will be an outstanding role! You have to be really evil here, no in-between! You’re an actress; it’s your responsibility to portray the role convincingly.” If I have the chance to re-play the role, I will be more evil! (laughs).

As for Ray, you also portrayed an evil role in ASITP… Will you take villainous role in the future?

Ray: (groans) Aww… that was so long ago…Why people are more interested in villains?

DJ: It’s outstanding.

Ray: (referring to Sonija) Hmm… shall we talk about LWOLAP then?

Sonija: Yeah, I’m the evil one who cheated Ray’s feeling in there.

Ray: A beautiful one though. Your character, err... (forgot)

Sonija: What name? You can’t remember it…

Ray: Gum Bing Wan! Am I correct? Like ASITP, it was a series adapted from Mr. Huang Yi’s novel. My character in this series is both good and evil.

Sonija: Mine too.

Ray: Actually, there is no real villain in LWOLAP. Everybody has their own reasons for their actions, which is quite realistic in modern’s people psychology. So please watch it when it comes out.

Sonija: I’m a bit worried, because I cheated Ray’s feelings, his fans will hate me… (joking).

Ray received a birthday surprise from his fan, Mei Kuan. She gave him a big bouquet of blue flowers (which I think is blue roses because it’s popular here).

Ray: Thank you! It’s so beautiful. I’m hugging it right now.

DJ: When is your birthday?

Ray: It’s in August… Oops, sorry, it’s December 8.

DJ then told Ray that Mei Kuan waited for them at the radio station as early as 6am this morning! Mei Kuan wished Ray happy birthday and hope he will take care of his health as he has become very thin compared to his last trip here.

Ray: I don’t think I’m too thin. But I look great on-screen. The last time, I was a bit chubby because of the role requirement for the series I’m filming back then. Don’t worry; I will take care of my health.

Mentioning of birthday celebration, Sonija gave her opinion.

Sonija: It’s always filming schedule on my birthdays. But it’s quite nice celebration with a big bunch of crews, getting flowers and cakes. In my opinion, birthdays are supposed to be celebrated with mum as they gave birth to us on that day!

Reading out some fans messages:

“Sonija hands are warm.”

Ray: Warm? Or wet?

Sonija: Stop it (embarrassed)

DJ: Sonija, do you have any heart conditions?

Sonija: Why?

DJ: They said a person who sweats on their hand normally has a weak heart.

Sonija: I don’t know about that but my hands were sweaty since childhood. I remember during my high school exams, my answer sheets were crumpled…

Ray: Soaked through?

Sonija: It was embarrassing while filming, when people had to hold your hand and they said “Are you alright? Don’t be nervous”

Ray: Yeah, like “Why are your hands so slippery?”

Sonija: I had to explain to them, “Sorry, my hands sweat easily…”

Any new plans?

Ray: I’ll be filming a new series called Tai Chi. So far, I’m not sure of my role, or whether I had to do “Tai Chi” (a kind of kungfu).

DJ: Well, you’re doing ‘taichi’ now (pulling on us because no real info).

“Sonija looks like a fairy descended on mortal world”… “Sonija, I love you like mice love corn”

Sonija: Wow, thank you for your compliments.

The DJ then discussed on the variety of foods in Malaysia. They mention Ipoh Chicken Rice and also Rojak.

Ray: Rojak? Oh, I know… the whole mix of don’t know what…

DJ: What do you mean by ‘don’t know what’? (pretend to be offended)

Can you take spicy food?

Sonija: Yes.

Ray: I’m okay with it. But I will sweat a lot.

What kind of series do you prefer?

Sonija: I prefer costume series because of the costumes, hair and makeup.

Ray: Yes, they look beautiful. But I don’t like costume series, because guys have to wear a fake wig, very troublesome.

Sonija: And we don’t need to? We ladies have to wear wig too! (protest)

Ray: Okay, sorry, sorry. Seriously, I prefer modern series because there’s a space to add creativities to the characters, making it uniquely yours.

Okay, fans would like to know, whether your character in TOB loves most; Lee Sau Ling or Sung Yuk Chi?

Ray: It’s actually Tzui Zi Ling (Ron). I mean, they never leave one another behind. (laughs). I don’t remember much on TOB, but I think it’s moreover the same between LSL and SYC. It’s just that with Tavia’s character (Ray forgot her character name), it’s a regretful love because she married another.

What souvenir will you buy in Malaysia? 16 pairs of shoes as well?

Sonija: Hahaha… yes, I’ll be following Myolie because she said it was so cheap!

Ray: Go ahead and buy 18 pairs.

Sonija: I prefer high heels because it’s easier to match clothes.

Ray: I have no idea what to buy. Any suggestion?

The DJ suggested buying batik. They told Ray not to buy cheap ones though!

Before leaving…

Sonija: I’m happy to meet the fans here, they’re so passionate.

Ray: I think I’ll be seeing the fans again soon. They’re really passionate. We hope we will make more good series for you all.

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