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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Alec Su: I Will Never Hurt My Lover

"I had once been cheated, and it was very painful. To me, loyalty in a love relationship is extremely important. I would rather sacrifice my imperfect love than to cheat."
From an idol singer to an acclamined star, not every famous artist can successfully change from one stage to another. Presently, Alec Su is still walking this road of change. He doesn't want the audience to remember him as a little tigher. Since, Alec has transformed into a matured man. Switching his career from Taian to mainland, Alec has dazzled again on stage. Not only that, but he also possesses great fashion taste. Now, as his fans are starting to get married, he is still single. However, this doesn't mean he never endured the prickling pain of love. Moreover, he is a very romantic man who does a lot for his lover.

You can always manage to grasp the latest fads? Right?
I won't disagree with your comment.

So you are a very fashionable artist?
I think so. I am very suited to be a fashionable artist. I know what fashion I should wear in order to fit the atmosphere.

Going to social events, what brand names do you usually wear?
At large events or fashion shows, I, of course, would wear classic brands such as LV, Gucci,etc. Usually, I would just wear Polo. Polo's cotton material is very comfortable.

Do you go shopping abroad very often, like some female stars do?
No. HongKong is already good for me. It has all the brands I want to buy and can communicate in the same language...hehe

Do you think dressing up is mind boggling?
Yes. Everyday, I have to think what I need to wear and how I am going to match the clothes. It's really a hassle. Now I have a stylist, which is also my manager (Amy), so there is not much burden anymore.

At different events, you will have different thoughts on what to wear?
Yes. In real life, I don't wear expensive clothes because they are a burden. You have to be careful not to damage any part. I wear casual clothes a lot, and I don't really care about brand names. For instance, in summers, I would just wear T-shirts that could be bought on the streets. However, I also spend alot of money on fashion. I have to buy many different clothes for different events.Sometimes, sponsors would give me clothes, but I don't alway get the chance to participate in their fashion events.

Apart from spending your money on clothes, what else do you do with your earnings?
I am definitely not a genius in investment. I just invest in real estate or save the money in the bank. Actually, I don't earn that much. Life cannot be squandered away, so I can't spend everything at once or else there is no money left. My life quality is very good, but I am not wasteful.

You can lessen your career plans, then you can live more fully.
Compare to previous years, my goal now is not to work for money. I am not saying I stop working when I have a break. To me, no work is like taking my soul away, feeling very empty. In Taiwan, I can't stand staying at home. I am always busy going out, making me busy. I would usually chat with friends, go out to dinners, exercise.

If you had a girlfriend, then you wouldn't feel so cramped or empty when stuck at home. Now, have you met anyone you like?
I am still waiting for my love. On and off, I would have some relationships, but now, I'm still single.

Of course, you are always busy. Keeping a relationship needs time!
Yea, I know. That's why when I meet a girl, I have to see if we have chemistry. Then, I'll judge her personality if we fit together. For me, when I find a girl that I am attracted to, I usually observe first to see if she likes me. If she doesn't have any feelings for me, then I would just keep quite. But I don't like girls who are very outspoken and bold when it comes to relationships.

How do you usually hit on a girl?
First, I would get her phone number. Then, I might text message her and say stuff like it's getting cold, wear more clothes to see if she gives me a reply.

Have you ever been romantic to your girlfriend? And what romantic things did you do?
In my early twenties, I was very romantic. So I would always set up special romantic atmospheres such as going out at night. In taiwan, there is warm springs up in the mountains, we would go up there to savor the night scenery. Then we would chat, talk. At home, sometimes, I would light up candles and give her a surprise. Now when I think about it, those are very special memories. But after that time period, I have since been very busy working, so there wasn't any time to do stuff like that. Presently, two lovers hugging and watching movies together at home is already romantic enough for me.

Are you used to breaking up?
No, breaking up is very hurting, especially the you deeper you devote your feelings to that relationship. Everytime I start a relationship, I would always start with a mindset that I want to live with my lover forever, and I am very serious about that. But even if you want to be with that person forever, there will always be some problems along the way such as distance or work schedule, etc. Sometimes, it' because I am not matured, or I spend too much on work and devote so less in love.

Will you two timing your girlfriend?
I definitely do not two timing. This is certain. I had been cheated before, and I know how painful it is. So I am not going to put that pain onto someone I love. The problem to breaking up is always between two people, not because of someone else, or it would be too cruel and painful. To me, loyalty is the most important thing in love. I would rather sacrifice my imperfect love than to cheat.

Have you ever praised your girlfriends?
Of course, I would do it impulsively. Most of the time, from my attitude and eyes, people can already find out.

Do they ever praise you?
No, hardly. hehe. Women usually don't directly praise men, and my girlfiend won't do that because we are too close. They just consider me as a good guy.

How do you usually make girls feel that you love them?
I look at love seriously and considers it an important subject. I would find some really delicious restaurants for them to dine or think of unique things that would make them happy. Since I cannot cook nor do laundry, I have to work extremely hard to hire maids to help me.I am not a very expressive guy, In the middle of a passionate relationship, I don't really like to work. hehe

Really? You are not working very much recently!
haha I knew you would ask that question. But, recenlty, I don't have a new relatinship. I just want to change my career plan a bit. Now, I don't want to shoot too many money-based productions; I would like to shoot more artistic films. For instance, I just worked with Qing Hai Lu in the , I think her acting is extraordinary.

What impression did Qing Hai Lu leave you with?
I think she is a very simple and intelligent woman and knows who deserves her friendship. We are very straightforward with each other and chat honestly. She even said that we are just like two little kids.

You guys are now best friends?
Yes. Actually, I don't have too many best friends in the Entertainment Circle. Even though you see people gathering in diffferent functions, when you go home, you are not likely to have the opportunity to make friends. Qing Hai Lu is a very practical girl, and she treats friends with honesty and support. I like her very much. When we finished shooting the move, I was still reluctant to leave.

Do you like girls such as Lin Zhi Ling?
She is very pretty and I admire her beautiful inner soul. Her eyes effuse generosity. I also admire the way she answers questions because they shape her to be a very nice person.

The women around you, do they ever spill their private life to you?
Sometimes. You might not know, but I am a good listener and a good buddy. Before, friends would meet in KTV or bars to hang out and chat. Now that I am turning into a buddhist, I don't drink anymore, so I hardly go to night life places.

After you quit smoking and drinking, what kind of effects did they have on you?
Every part of life, there is difficulties for us to solve. Now, I am clearer than ever that life is the most important thing. Money, status, fame don't need to be put so much attention to. Nonetheless, achievement in career is still very important to me. I still have some road to go before I get where I want in life.

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