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Friday, December 09, 2005

Andy Lau & Felix Wong

In applying make-up to make himself look older [in new movie, "Wait Till You're Older"], Andy Lau is willing to sacrifice his skin. Having been in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years, if it were not for Andy's asking, Felix would not have accepted his role in "Wait Till You're Older" without even looking at the script first. For this photo shoot, we had Andy and Felix dress up as baseball players, to represent the many interesting 'hits" the two stars have had over the years.

Both Andy and Felix are 44 years old and their 20+ year career is anything short of amazing.

TVB Magazine: How come both of you have decided to collaborate on the movie?

Andy: I've always wanted to work with Felix, so I asked him to work on the movie. One day, I saw Felix with his daughter and I thought he would be very suitable to play the role of the father in the movie.

Felix: Haha I remember one day when we were playing bowling together, Andy said, "I will be opening a new movie; how about helping out?" So I said yes. At the time I didn't know all the details yet. When I found out I was going to play Andy's father, I was shocked. But Andy said, "Don't worry. You'll look younger than me in the movie!" I never guessed that Andy would appear with old make-up in the movie.

TVB Magazine: Which is your most unforgettable scene in the movie?

Andy: The first scene after I have aged, I met with Felix. In that scene, Felix had to hit me. Maybe Felix was a little nervous, but I told him he needed to hit me harder. So Felix hit me with such force that my contacts fell out. My eyes started tearing and Felix was very worried that he had hit me too hard haha.

Felix: I used all my strength in that scene! Maybe it's because I haven't acted in awhile and not used to filming movies, so I wasn't too used to it. But thanks to the Director, Chan Tak Shum and Andy, it's like going back to training class for me. After 5-6 days of filming, I got accustomed again. I am used to playing heroes in my past series, but this time I play a depressed father.

TVB Magazine: Was Felix able to recognize Andy through the layers of old-makeup?

Andy: If we weren't preparing the scene together, Felix probably wouldn't have recognized me. Last time, Cherie Ying Choi Yee couldn't recognize me and thought I was just any old man.

Felix: Haha I actually thought you looked awesome! Your look reminded me of Uncle Sek Kin and Bao Fong.

Wanting the Five Tigers to Reunite
TVB Magazine: When did you guys know each other? Were you guys friends from the beginning?

Andy: I first met Felix when I went to apply to TVB training class. At the time, Felix was the one who gave me the application form. I thought, “Wow! Even the person handling the forms is so handsome, then I have no chance!” The first time we worked together was on “Gor Hak.” Felix was already a big star and I was just an extra. Since our distance was so great at the time, we didn’t really talk much then.

Felix: I was in the training class one year before Andy, so he is my junior.

TVB Magazine: When did you get to know each other better? What was the most unforgettable time together?

Andy: We got to know each other better after the 5 Tigers was established in 1983. But everyone was so busy with work then, that we were really only casual friends and didn’t really keep in touch with each other. Five years ago, we started to see each other more and became better friends. This year I couldn’t make it to Felix’s birthday party. I was working in Zhengzhou at the time. But I called him and sang a Happy Birthday song to him over the phone. After I came back to HK, I invited him over to my house for dinner to celebrate. Sometimes being good friends is dependent on fate. If you ask me why we are such good friends, I’m not sure how to answer. Haha.

Felix: After Andy left TVB in 1985, we didn’t keep in touch for a long time. It wasn’t until the last few years that we saw each other more often. We have a little more time now, so sometimes we play mahjong. I’ve always played soccer, but Andy taught me bowling. His standards are very high and sometimes he would say frustratingly, “Of course you don’t bowl this way!” He only wanted me to play better.

TVB Magazine: Do you want the 5 Tigers to work together again?

Andy: It’s not that easy! I want everyone to work together on a movie like “The Godfather!” Kent is often in China filming and producing. I just can’t believe that since the 1980’s till now, everyone still remembers the 5 Tigers.

Felix: I want to work together again too! I wish there were more projects together, like movies or theater productions. If it is a movie, I would like all of us to play CID’s and how we use our intelligence to work together.

Andy Lau: TVB Is Like Family
Both Wah Gors are from TVB and acted in many unforgettable tv series, no wonder there are so many memories.

Andy said, “When I filmed with Felix for the movie, I often think about our beginnings from TVB. It feels like we came from the same family. When I was working at TVB, my old home was very close to the studio. And the owner of the canteen was a neighbor who knew me since I was young. He would ask me what I wanted for lunch and he would then get it for me.”

Although Andy is already a well-rounded superstar, each day is a new challenge for him. “I have experienced many obstacles. When I was acting in TVB, the instructor yelled at me. And the company I collaborated to work with on a movie, in the end I had to sue them in court…but I don’t think of myself as failing. My mentality is that it didn’t work this time, I’ll learn and try again!” Andy once said that the thing he wanted to do most was get married, why? “In life, everyone gets married. I still haven’t done this yet!” Hopefully this day will arrive quickly for Andy.

Andy on his own good points: “I am very hard working, not afraid of challenges and won’t give up….”

Andy on his own bad points: “I am self-confident and may not listen to other people’s opinions. Even if I knew I couldn’t do something, I still try. If I fail, I’ll try again! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have learned so much and improved myself.”

Felix Wong: Influenced by Chow Yun Fat
In interviewing Felix, you would feel that he doesn’t treat himself like an actor. You might see traces in the way he talks and carries himself…

In the TV industry, Felix has more attraction than even Andy. Did you know that many actresses, such as Carina Lau, joined TVB because they wanted to meet Felix Wong? Reflecting on the last 20 years of his acting career, Felix said: “I have worked very hard. One time, I didn’t sleep for 7 days and 7 nights. I am grateful to TVB for giving me so many opportunities. I have acted in more than 60 series and many of them were big productions. I am very lucky….”

No wonder, “Not afraid of hard work and respect the elders” is Felix’s life-long values. He said, “I think I was influenced by Chow Yun Fat. He always respected the older actors, whether they were famous or not. So I aspired to be like him.”

Another thing that makes Felix proud is having a happy family. Although his marriage has experienced some obstacles, Felix said he is not an alpha male; he is just not romantic. “Marriage is very simple, you have to trust and be patient with each other. And you have to be willing to sacrifice. Even if I am working outside of HK, I still call my wife a few times a day. To surprise her, I would come home 1 or 2 days earlier. When it’s her birthday, I would buy her flowers.”

Felix on his own good points: “I don’t treat myself like an actor. When I am filming, I just consider it to be a type of work. Also I am not afraid of hard work.”

Felix on his own bad points: “I am stubborn and compulsive. Sometimes I don’t think of all the consequences before doing something, but I won’t regret. I’ll just treat it as a learning experience.”

Born in the Same Month and Year
Another similarity that Felix and Andy share is that both men were born in 1961 in September. Felix was born on the 4th while Andy was born on the 27th. Since their birthdays are so close, there should be other similarities too!

Felix: When we were both young, our features looked alike. Our personalities were similar in that we wanted to win, but he is more aggressive than me!

Andy: I don’t think we are alike; our personalities are completely different.

The reporter thinks that both men are very down-to-earth. It's just that they focus their energies on the things that they love. Let’s see what their birthday wishes are:

Andy: I hope my skin allergies never appear again!

Felix: I hope to enjoy more in life!

And TVB Magazine especially celebrated this day in September to wish them both a Happy Birthday.

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TVB Magazine #431


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