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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


The ‘2005 Jade Solid Gold Award Ceremony’ has its press conference yesterday. Many artists attended the conference that was held in a hotel. Hot favourites to win ‘Best Male Singer Award’, Hacken Lee and Andy Lau also attended the conference. During the conference they were asked if they had confidence in winning this award, both of them replied politely by saying the other one would win. Hacken praised Andy by saying he was the ‘dragon head leader’ of the music industry. Andy then said that he was a nobody not a leader.

In previous years, Andy has won the ‘Best Male Singer Award’. Does Hacken have the confidence to steal the award off Andy’s hand? Hacken said that he has no confidence in doing so because it’s always Andy who steals awards off people’s hands, no one ever steals off Andy.

Due to work, Andy may not be able to attend all the award ceremonies. The media told Hacken to ask Andy to not attend the ‘Jade Solid Gold Award Ceremony’, so there will not be anyone to fight with him. Hacken said that he will not do that and hopes Andy will be able to attend the ceremony because without Andy the ceremony will be dull.

Hacken said that Andy is the ‘dragon head leader’ of the music industry. Andy said that if he is, he will ‘gold bucket wash hands’ and let Hacken be the leader.

On the other hand, Twins hope to win the ‘Golden Live Group Difference Award’. They hopes to win this award because if they do, they can sing with Andy. Charlene really wishes to sing a duet with Andy. When asked what other awards do they wish to win, Twins said awards are not too important to them. Their concert next year is what they are worrying about.

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