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Friday, December 23, 2005

Andy Lau Says HK Headlines Get More Exaggerated

In recent years, the headlines of Hong Kong showbiz is getting more exaggerating, more often are bad news rather than good news.

Normal news like Initial D competing in the Golden Horse Film Awards, Hacken Lee release a new album would occupy only a small segment while gossips and allegation were published in full pages.

With regards to pictures, the ugliest photographs of artistes will be published, or the photographs where artistes are scantily-dressed. It's getting so serious that some magazine's cover looked the same as some porn magazine, no wonder nowadays artistes begin to feel that it's best that their news won't be published in magazines to avoid being embarrassed.

Being in showbiz for so many years, how does Andy Lau see in how reporters work in recent years?

Andy says: "The world had changed, many things human can't change, if it can't be change, should gave in, I would change a bit, hope in the later days, the newspaper will get better, we had no choice."
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