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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Angela's Sparkling Investments

Angela Tong attended a Christmas event yesterday. She revealed that she had spent the festive season working. When asked if she had exchanged gifts with her boyfriend, she evaded the question, and said that her mom had given her a Christmas gift. When the reporter pressed on regarding her boyfriend, she revealed with great awkwardness that they had not been able to meet up, as they had been too busy recently.

She said that she was trying to make as much money as possible now that there were so many opportunities to do so. She said that unfortunately, whenever she wanted to save, there would always be some expenditure that she had to spend on.

Why didn’t she invest in a house then? Angela replied that she would not consider this, as she would need to put a huge sum down as a down payment. Instead, her friends have taught her to invest in buying diamonds with that came with certificates, as that was more secure. She said that she did not know much about diamonds before, but she had been picking it up recently. When the reporter said that she could get her boyfriend to buy her diamonds, Angela replied that she would rather buy them herself.

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