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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Benny and Charmaine Seen Eating Dinner Together

Benny Chan and Charmaine Sheh has been dating for years and has already been an open secret. Benny has always had alot of rumors and earlier there even was a report saying that to take 'revenge', Charmaine went after Moses Chan. Benny seemed to be affected by it and was supposed to be in Taiwan filming a series. He especially came back to Hong Kong to console Charmaine, looks like nothing can seperate them.

Charmaine has taken a break ever since she finished filming The Dance of Passion. She sometimes would attend the Always Ready promotions and Benny was in Taiwan filming for 《愛情機器》. Last night both of them was seen eating dinner together and then went into Benny's black race car. After a while, a lady carrying a little child wanted to take a picture with Charmaine for memories. Charmaine got off the car and took pictures carrying the child. Afterwards, Charmaine and Benny both left in his car.

Later, the reporters telephoned them about this event, but has not attained a reply yet. So they telephoned Benny's manager and said that he only knows Benny was in Taiwan filming for 《愛情機器》 and does not know anything about Benny taking time to return to Hong Kong for his girlfriend.

[X] credit: xbunnylicious


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