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Friday, December 02, 2005

Bernice Cuts a Figure Dancing the Waltz

Bernice Liu and famous dancing instructor Heinz Heidenreich danced the waltz yesterday with 16 other dancing couples as part of the programme for the Christmas Light Up ceremony. She wore close to $6.3 million worth of jewelry.

Bernice, whose gown was sponsored by Ferragamo, was lovely and elegant. She confessed that she had not worn such expensive jewelry before so her heart was in her mouth with every step she took. Luckily, there were guards surrounding her, so she felt more reassured.

She had injured her waist before her performance, so she was wearing a waist guard during the performance. An unexpected ‘benefit’ was that the waist guard accentuated her figure greatly, and despite her injury, she received much praise for her performance.

Bernice revealed that this was the first time she was dancing the waltz, and she had only half an hour practice session before that. As such, she was very satisfied with her performance and said that she had fallen in love with the waltz. She intended to continue with dance lessons, and she joked that her future husband must know how to dance the waltz.When asked how she would be spending her Christmas, she said that she would be working on The Mighty Swordsman.
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The Sun, Oriental Daily


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