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Friday, December 16, 2005

Bernice Demonstrates Her Skills in Jazz Dancing

Ever since childhood, Bernice Liu had alot of performances when she started to learn ballet at the age of 4. These past years, she had numerous performances and because of her infatuation with dancing, she started to learn Jazz. With 20 years of dancing experience, she says that other than keeping her fit, dancing also is a good method of reducing stress.

Jazz is actually a dance with great movements, giving the attention to your movements by your body language. Currently, jazz has been very traditional adding the 21st century dance steps and can be danced freely on your own. Jazz is very disimilar to ballet as jazz includes street jazz, pop jazz, tap dance, and others. Pop jazz is gradually becoming an important element in music videos.

We have invited Bernice to demonstrate pop jazz for us. Having the qualifications of a teacher, Bernice expressed that no matter what dance you are doing, warming up is the most important part. When seeing her do a split, back bend, and so forth, you can see her beautiful dancing postures. Bernice laughed and said, "It doesn't matter what dance I am doing, but out of so many different dances and other than ballet, I love jazz the most because they are very different. Ballet is very calm and slow, and helps you stretch your muscles and is very soothing. Jazz uses very lively music to the dance and can be quite punk."

Bernice points out that people in Hong Kong has alot of pressure so she advices everyone to try dancing to reduce the stress. Being a celebrity like her will sure have alot of pressure. Other than keeping you fit, it can also help you relax at the same time.

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