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Friday, December 02, 2005

Bernice, The Ice-Cream Fan

Bernice Liu recounts her Christmases in Canada, which she would spend with her family every year. The most memorable Christmas was when there was a big snowstorm, and the entire family got snowed in. To pass the time, she and her siblings dressed up as Santa Clauses and enjoyed a fantastic Christmas dinner. When Asked if she would be spending this Christmas with a special someone, Bernice dodged the question by saying that yes, she would be spending it with her beloved pooch.

Bernice yesterday attended Haagen Dazs’ opening of a flagship store yesterday as a special guest, and she promptly snapped up the limited edition ice cream at the store. It turns out that Bernice is an ice-cream lover. She said that she would occasionally award herself with ice-cream, and when bored, she would invite friends over to the house for an ice-cream session as well.
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