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Monday, December 26, 2005

Bernice's Black Christmas

It was a black Christmas indeed for Bernice Liu! Currently busy filming The Mighty Swordsman 《強劍江湖》, she attended a family reunion at Lan Kwai Fong on Christmas Eve. The streets were extremely crowded, and Bernice had her hand around her mobile phone in her bag as a precaution. However, her attention slipped for a mere 5 minutes, and her mobile phone disappeared! This is the first time that Bernice had lost her phone in the four years that she has been in Hong Kong.

She had the numbers and photos of over 40 artistes stored in her phone, and among the numbers were those of Myolie Wu’s, Sonja Kwok’s and Bosco Wong’s. When asked if rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan's photo were stored in the phone, she evaded the question. Although the numbers were coded, and Bernice was sure that the person who stole the phone would not be able to identify the numbers, she was still worried that her friends would be harassed if the numbers were ever exposed.

However, what was sadder for Bernice was the loss of her beloved pooch’s photos (of Ah Mac as a baby, the pictures of his wife, Bailey, and images of their first meeting) that were stored in her phone. She does not have a back up of those photos and she hoped that some good-hearted person will return the photos to her.

[X] credit: Ellie @
The Sun
Oriental Daily


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