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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bernice's Dog Will Get Married On Christmas

As the end of December is nearing, the Christmas spirit around the world is rising. Bernice Liu has always loved Christmas, but even though she can't celebrate with a white Christmas this year, the weather in Hong Kong is still cold, matching the Christmas spirit, " I really love Christmas, this holiday is really near my birthday! In Canada, everyone will stay at home and it feels very warm! It would be snowing outside, but inside there would be many Christmas lights. It feels very warm when you look outside!"

This year's Christmas will be a great significance for Bernice as there will be a new member added to her family; her beloved dog will be marrying to Bailey, "Mac (her dog) and I have been looking for a long time, I'm really happy. But the female dog is too small so I can't take her home yet. I have to wait until she gets all her shots first and she should be fine around Christmas. Then Mac won't be as bored!"

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