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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bi to Participate in Community Chest of Korea

Singer Rain, who last year was named spokesperson for the charity organization “Community Chest of Korea” (CCK), will participate in a donation ceremony slated for Dec. 1 at the presidential Blue House.

Rain and actress Chae Shi-ra, who was named CCK’s spokesperson in 1999, will deliver financial donations to the organization and present participants with souvenirs.

CCK expressed its gratitude to Rain for willingly accepting the offer to participate in the event. Rain, a pan-Asian hallyu star, was chosen for his diligent image and the important role that he plays in enhancing national prestige through various activities in public-interest events.

"If my participation in the event will help raise public interest in donating to charity, I will do my best to fulfill my duties as CCK’s spokesperson," said Rain.

Currently, Rain is filming the KBS TV2 series “A Love To Kill.” He will give concerts in Taiwan Dec. 29-30 as part of his Asian tour.
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