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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bi(Rain) & Leehom Collab Finished

In Leehom's new album "Gai Shi Ying Xiong' Leehom collaborated with the Korea Super star Rain and sang a song called Wan Mei De Hu Dong. As they were both busy during the recording of this song, they didn't record together. Rain first completed his part and then Leehom added his bit to it. Although there was no interaction (hu dong) between Leehom and Rain, Leehom is still very satisfied with the song.

This is Rain's first time singing a Chinese song. Leehom said, Rain pronunciation is excellent and doesn't sound weird. As the producer of the song, Leehom praises Rain and said besides dancing, Rain can also really sing well.

Leehom met Rain through Rain's producer Hitman Bang. Because Leehom and Hitman Bang are both music producers, when they first met they had plenty to talk about and became good friends. Then this collaboraton was born. Leehom is now busy promoting his new album. On the 25th, he will be performing in Las Vagas and is expected to return on the 28th. He will have is new album press conference on the 29th. Rain will also be in Taiwan during the 29th and 30th having his concert at the Taipei Arena. The record company says, if Leehom's schedule permits, he will go and support Rain at his concert. However Leehom says even if he can't make it, he'll be sure to send a flower basket.

[X] credit: Min Xin Pao &
ourhomeaus + Angela


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