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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bosco & Niki Exchange Gifts

It's not Christmas yet, but Bosco Wong and Niki Chow have already received their big gifts for the holiday! TVB acted as Santa Claus and gave them their first awards in their careers: the Most Improved Male & Female Actor Awards. Having won the awards amidst stiff competition, the awards serve as support and demonstrate their hard work and talent.

In one year, Bosco acted in 4 series: as main lead and supporting characters in modern series, ancient series, martial arts, professional, etc; he has played many different types. Niki played in her first martial arts series and had to deal with complicated martial arts moves, hang from trees, and act as a tomboy in a comedic portrayal.

Bosco closed his eyes and said, "This is the first time I've been so busy that I had to enter the hospital 2 times in one month. But I am happy that because of my hard work, I have gained as well."

Niki said excitedly, "It was the first time I acted in a martial arts series, the first time I was a MC, the first time I released an album, the first time I signed so many autographs my hand hurt...and of course my first award."

In 2006, Bosco and Niki (who play a couple in "Sky Curtain Lovers") have the same dream: to take a vacation with their family. Christmas is here, hopefully Bosco and Niki's dreams come true!

Bosco Wong: 2005 In Reflection
In "War of the In-Laws," aside from being pleasantly surprised by Lisa Wang's character, Bosco's dual character role also helped him win the Most Improved Male Actor award. "The series received such good feedback and helped boost my popularity. This was a big event for me in 2005!"

Winning fame and popularity, Bosco said, "Since I entered the entertainment industry, I have experienced a lot. This year my experience has been the most enriching and helpful, changing me the most. In the past, I would give myself a lot of pressure. If there was a character I really wanted to play and the role was not offered to me, I would be very disappointed. Now I think about the positive side; there may be time conflict or there may be an even more suitable role for me to wait for. For example, this year a lot of people said I would win the award. But I didn't let that give me undue expectation and pressure. I let things go with the flow."

Bosco's calm attitude came from experience. "Also my new manager, Tina, also influenced me a lot. She taught me a lot of practical things. She understands that I am a work-acholic and arranged my work schedule tightly. Earlier, I was filming "Au Revoir Shanghai" and "Keung Kim Kong Wu" at the same time. I entered the hospital 2 times in one month. But I was happy and fulfilled, enjoying my work. A little illness is actually fortunate."

Bosco Laughing at Niki Chow
Bosco mentioned that Niki's appearance and inner personality are at odds. "Don't look at her tall figure and perfect face, actually she acts like a little girl. There is always something funny going on; she will sing funny songs and laugh to herself. Also when she bumped in something, she'll look around not knowing what happend; it's very cute."

Niki Chow: 2005 Singing & Acting On the Rise
Leaving the movie industry and switching to TV, Niki challenged herself. In "The Gentle Crackdown," her honest portrayal gained the audience's recognition and helped Niki win the Most Improved Female Actress award. "I never guessed the ratings would be so high, peaking at 41 points. I have never attended so many celebration events and winning the award, it gave me a lot of support."

Niki's increasing popularity helped her gain new opportunities. "When I was MC-ing for Mr. Hong Kong, I was very nervous and excited. I had an opportunity to work with Dodo Cheng, but there was a lot of pressure. I was filming for a tv series at the time. After I received the MC script, the next day was the show. I didn't have much time to prepare and could only tell a joke about 'oral communication talent.'"

Niki has been able to fulfill her dream in music, movies, and tv. "Honestly, I am very lucky! I've always liked to sing. After "The Gentle Crackdown," I signed with a music company. My first album was released very quickly. When we held a promotion at Sha Tin, there were 500 fans and it was the first time I signed so many autographs my hand hurt."

After Niki released her album, the next thing is to have her own concert. "I don't think it would happen so quickly. The most important thing is timing. When on stage, the audience will see my hard work: dancing, singing (in English as well), making it a more exciting experience."

Niki on Bosco
Bosco is often playful, but in Niki's eyes, he is a sensitive, good man. "He always says that he's a great cook. At first I didn't believe him, but one day he brought shark fin soup to work. He said he made it himself and put mushroom and chicken strips in it. It was quite tasty. A guy who knows how to cook is not surprising, but it's hard to find someone who knows how to cook a local Hong Kong delicacy."

Bosco's 5 Wishes for 2006
1) Earn More Money: "I'm 25 already; it's time to earn more money to buy a house. I hope I can live in a bigger place with my mother. I haven't thought about what my dream house is like yet, but I'll try my best!"

2) Get a Daughter-in-law: "I need to help my bulldog find a wife. I want to buy him a female bulldog for company. But picking out the right one takes time."

3) Improve: "If I have time, I really want to learn how to sing and dance. I want to improve my knowledge on the performance arts, learn martial arts for my series, etc. They can help my career."

4) Movies & Music: "You can say for singing, I've attained half of that. I will be singing the theme song to 'Au Revoir Shanghai.' But I want to have a few more songs that belong to me. I haven't acted in movies before and have never been to a movie studio. I want to experience it and see what the differences are."

5) Go on Vacation: "I would like to go on a vacation with either my family or my childhood friends, to refresh myself. I haven't rested a single day in 2005. I hope I can travel to Thailand or Southeast Asia."

Bosco's Most Memorable Christmas: A Wild Trip in Lantau
When Bosco was still in school, he spent Christmas with several friends in a rented vacation house in Lantau. "We thought the house would be big enough for 20 people. But it was so small, there were not enough beds for everyone. There was not even enough floor space for everyone to sleep on. The house was filled with people; if you needed to go to the bathroom, you have to jump over others on the floor."

Since it's so cold in Lantau in December, if you don't go in the water, what is there to do? "We played rock scissors stone and whoever lost had to play 'Titanic.' Everyone would throw sand at you. I had very happy and funny experiences when I was young."

Bosco's Christmas Gift to Others
Bosco said, "Oil prices are so high now. Can't the prices be lowered? Haha! I travel a lot for my job and wish the prices would drop!"

Niki's 5 Wishes for 2006
1) Go on Vacation: "Travel with family. I can't remember the last time we travelled together, maybe it was the year before."

2) Learn to Play the Drums: "I want to learn something related to music. While filming "Sky Curtain Lovers," I learned how to play the violin. It was ok, but I had some problems since my fingers are long. Now I want to learn how to play the drums."

3) Dancing: "It's been a long time since I last danced. In the past, I did traditional Chinese dance. Now I want to learn jazz and hip-hop. I like to perform, just singing is not enough. Dancing skills would help the performance a lot more."

4) Movies: "I haven't acted in movies for 1 year. I want to try to play roles with character flaws, for example playing a mute or disabled person. I also want to act in musical movies like "Perhaps Love."

5) Ideal House: "It needs to have quiet surroundings. Although I'm talkative, when I go home, I need to relax, write, listen to music, and watch DVDs. The house doesn't need to have a mountain view (the papparazzi can spy). If it faces the water, I don't think they can hide there."

Niki's Unforgettable Christmas: Lethal Ice Cream Truck
Twenty years ago on Christmas Eve, Niki almost lost her life. "I was only a few years old at the time. My family was out looking at the Christmas lights. When I heard the ice cream truck, I ran out into the street wanting to buy ice cream. I almost got hit by a car, but luckily my father grabbed me. From then onwards, my father would always remind me to be careful when crossing the street. Now when I hear the ice cream truck, I still want to buy ice cream, but I wouldn't run out into the street carelessly."

Christmas Gift to Give to Others
Niki said, "Orphans! Children need extra love during the holidays. I plan to be Secret Santa and buy a big gift, with many candies inside."

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TVB Magazine #445
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