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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bosco Wong And Myolie Wu On The Same Stage

Last night Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu attended a promotion function in Macau. After the 600 messages rumor, it is their first time being together on the same stage, but they were organzied to appear in different times. Both of them acted generously and didn't avoid each other. Myolie even said she doesn't mind being 'onscreen rumored couple' for functions.

After Bosco finished filming an outdoor scene for Keung Gim Gong Wu last night, he immediately proceeded to Macau. He was asked whether he purposely appeared at a different time than Myolie, he said, "I am not avoiding her, why would I avoid her? The staff planned this and I will not avoid Myolie because of the rumors. We are still friends."

Myolie was asked the same question of appearing at different times, she laughed and said, "What! It doesn't make a different. After taking two seperate photos, you can still put them back together!" The reporters hope that next time they attend a function, they should appear like a rumored couple. Myolie responded that she would not mind if they increase her pay!

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xbunnylicious @ The Sun


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