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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bosco Wong Hopes for Red & White Christmas Trip

Bosco's most unforgettable Christmas was spent at a Lantau vacation house while he was still a student. He and his friends rented a 700 sq feet house and spent 3 days and 2 nights there. They sang songs, danced, and had a barbeque together. When he saw the ocean and heard the waves, Bosco who normally loves to swim, thought about jumping into the ocean for a swim. However, that winter was extremely cold, so he couldn't go for a swim. Bosco said that was the first time he spent Christmas outside of his home. In the past, Bosco usually celebrates Christmas with his family over dinner, then would meet up with friends to see the street lights and decorations. Bosco's trip in Lantau was the first time he had celebrated Christmas so uniquely.

A Red & White Christmas in Switzerland and New Zealand

During TVB's anniversary, Bosco received the "Most Improved Male Artist" award. He said that award gave him immense support, at least the public recognized his acting ability. Bosco said he will focus on filming for tv series and will do his best. But Bosco hopes that he can have time to take a vacation and enjoy a white Christmas. One of his childhood dreams was to enjoy a white Christmas and a super-hot Christmas.

Bosco said he would like to experience a white Christmas in Switzerland. He likes to ski and believes that if he can go with his loved one, it would be extremely romantic. Bosco said he read in some travel books that Christmas in Switzerland is like a fairy tale filled with ice everywhere. Aside from the snow mountains, the museums there would have a public ice skating rink, with festive decorations and music events. Bosco mentioned that Hong Kong's ice skating rink can also let him experience a white Christmas.

Also Bosco said that he would like to go to New Zealand for hot air ballooning. He can enjoy the sun and beach, as well as go diving, enjoying a super-hot Christmas. Or he can take in the beautiful mountain and nature scenery there. This is how Bosco hopes to spend Christmas....

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