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Monday, December 26, 2005

Bosco's Prince Charming Look For Christmas

Bosco was all dressed up in his Prince Charming outfit to attend an event at the New World Centre Shopping Centre on Christmas yesterday. As he had to work the day before, he said that he did not have the opportunity to attend any Christmas parties. As to whether he had SMS-ed Myolie (as he did not have an opportunity to meet her), he evaded the question by saying that he had sent several hundred SMSes to friends wishing them a Merry Christmas.

A magazine had reported that Bosco had been at Mong Kok recently with friends, getting sloshed on red and white wine, and he had then driven back drunk. Bosco was rather unhappy with the report, and he pointed out several inconsistencies in the report. For instance, it stated that the total bill was $200, and Bosco asked how it was possible to buy several bottles of wine with that amount. He also said that he was not drunk.

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