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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Cecilia Cheung Paid Top Dollar for Her 1st TV Drama

It has been a dream of Chinese TV drama producers to put the late, legendary, Chinese singer, Zhou Xuan's story on screen.

The Shanghai Film Group recently invited Hong Kong film actress, Cecilia Cheung, to star as the singer in a 20 episode TV drama.   

It will be the first time Cecilia has appeared in a TV drama and she is to be paid 130 thousand yuan for each episode.   

Cecilia Cheung has yet to read the script since she is now busy promoting her latest film- - Chen Kaige's blockbuster "The Promise"- across the nation.   

Veteran Hong Kong entertainer Eric Tsang, who had planned to invest in a film about Zhou Xuan, has also accepted an invitation to star in the TV drama.   

They will begin shooting next March.

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