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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Celebrities' 2005 Crazy Wishes

Ho … Ho … Ho … Merry Christmas !

I, Santa Claus, is very happy today to be able to see Denise Hocc, Fiona Sit, Emme Wong, Krusty, Soler, Endy Chow, and a bunch of handsome gals and pretty girls! It was exciting to see them put such effort to decorate a Christmas tree, plan a party, and respect Christmas like I do! Okay, let me see what they want to Christmas. No matter how crazy it is, I will help them fulfill their dreams! (written by reporter)

Cathy Tsui
I want to make the world's biggest turkey dinner and invite all my friends. We can eat for three days and nights straight because I really love to eat turkey. I hope all my friends are happy like me.

Denise Hocc
I want to ride a rocket ship to space to celebrate Christmas. I also want to host an award show to satisfy everyone's craving for an award.

Fiona Sit
Even though getting a diamond ring as a present is good, I want to try being a man for a month. I really really really want to be Aaron Kwok because he is handsome and hot, and is just really awsome!

Ah Naam
I want to celebrate Xmas in Austrailia with friends because you feel very free there.

I want to go to Africa for Xmas. There are alot of poor children there and I hope to bring laughters and joys to everyone there. I will also wear a red bikini to pass out presents.

Emme Wong
I want to go back to my childhood Christmas when I was 6 or 7. I want to play games with other little children. I really thought Santa actually climed the chimey.

I want to fly up to space on Christmas Eve and jam songs on the moon. Then hurry to take off with Santa and sing and give out presents with him.

Endy Chow
I want to transform into a Christmas tree and hang all the decorations on myself. The best would be food so I can eat it all.

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