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Monday, December 26, 2005

Charmaine Reminds Girls To Be Careful While Xmas Partying

Tonight is Christmas Eve but due to work, Charmaine was unable to celebrate on that day. Though this year Charmaine couldn't go celebrating, she once did partied until she was heavily drunk so she's reminding girls to go with trusted friends and keep a tab on their personal belongings.

Charmaine remembered that she almost fell victim to spiked drinks. "I was studying back then, and I came back to HK on holiday. I went to the disco with a female schoolmate and took a drink. I don't know whether the drink was too strong but it made me feel strange. I realized something is not right and I decided to leave immediately. Thankfully I manage to reach home before collapsing."

So, what's her advise to girls? "You have to be careful when going to parties, don't go alone and take 3-5 friends along, so that you can watch out for each others. Also, be careful of what you drink."

Charmaine's mum who has been living in Hawaii returned to HK recently. It turned out that due to hectic work schedules, Charmaine has not celebrated Christmas with her mum in 10 years. However, this year's Christmas is very meaningful to Charmaine. She smiled "I recently won some money at Macau horse racing and I gave half of the prize money to my mum. In the past, I use to draw Christmas cards for her as well but nowadays I'm too busy to do so. This year, I hope I would be able to draw one for her."

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