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Monday, December 19, 2005

Charmaine Won HK$50,000 In Horse Racing

From the news above, Charmaine has won HK$50,000 after betting HD$5,000 on horse racing. She actually attended the event as Afortane spokesperson and joined in the betting just for fun.

"I've never bet on horses because it can be so confusing! This is also the first time I won so much money, I never have luck in lucky draws/prizes. I never got anything in TVB anniversary lucky draws, at most I only got into the list of 38 stars. There is this one time where I went to Genting (Msia) and I won $2000, that was surprising!"

They say you'll get lucky after 30 years old. Charmaine laughed: "I hope I'll be getting more luckier from today onwards". Charmaine also added that she'll be using half of the prize money to buy gifts for her mother while saving the rest in the bank.

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