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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Don Li And Mandy Chiang At Their 'Wedding'

To promote their new EP, Don Li and Mandy Chiang had changed their reporters function into a 'wedding'. They were playing 'perverted' games, giving out cookies, kisisng, and even had a 'baby' onstage.

Yesterday Mandy and Don wore Chinese outfits to the banquet. During the games event, Mandy was requested to roll an egg on Don's pants and at one point even crossed Don's private area. Mandy got embarassed and was about to take her hands off. Her 'sister' Yumiko seeing that she was apart to let go, took her own hand and held the egg, frightening Don. Yumiko's rumored boyfriend Deep seemed to be 'jealous' and wanted to crush the egg in the pants. That hurted Don when he crushed it so Don took the egg yolk and smooshed it on Deep's head. Afterwards, Deep denied being jealous and just wanted to help Don.

Then Don and Mandy went backstage as a 'bedroom' and after a minute they came out holding their EP that was representing their baby. That caused the host to say, "Don, we all know that you are 'fast'!" which caused the whole crowd to laugh.

Later, Mandy expressed that her grandmother had thought she really married, she said, "My grandmother in Shanghai read on the newspaper and really thought I got married as a 'child'. She immediately called my mom and asked how her daughter turned to be like this. So my mom explained that it was only for promotion!"

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