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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Don Li Gets Harassed By A Women On The Phone

Don Li and Mandy Chiang attended a radio function yesterday and was very late, coming in with a tired look. Don explained that he had been distracted by the phone last night. A women was swearing at him nonstop when he picked up the phone. He said, "She said I can't sing and tells me not to sing anymore! At first I hung up and didn't listen to her, but she continued to harass me until 5 in the morning. I was really tired and mad, therefore I also yelled at her."

He was asked whether it is his relationship with Mandy that made some fans unsatisfied. Don said, "The opposite party is a girl and shouldn't be Mandy's fans! And I do believe that my fans would not be jealous!" He expressed that he will not change his phone or call the police just because of this.

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