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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Eason Wins 6 Awards, Eason's Father Is Proud

It has been almost 2 years since Eason has been up on stage to receive an award, he is back and for the first award ceremony in 2 years he grabbed 6 awards. He expressed that he is satsified and the live audience is very intense. The thing that he enjoys the most is the live performance right after winning an award, when winning an award, all your emotions are thrown into the performance right after. When he was performing his "Most Admired Song" (voted by the audience) 浮跨 (Exaggerated or Empty Boasting) to end the night, he was distracted because Hacken was behind him playing around with him.

When Eason was asked about his father attending the award ceremony and if his father was happy for him, Eason replied that his father is proud of him. When asked if he is confident in winning awards in ceremonies after this one Eason replies, its hard to say because each award ceremony has their set of rules. He also says that award ceremonies makes him most nervous because you don't get to rehearse, if you win you have to get up on stage immediately and sing to the music they play for you which you won't know if its right for you.

When asked about this years winners being different, Andy Hui and Nicholas Tse not getting an award, Eason says that every award ceremony has their own way of giving out awards. (Then he uses the word "foot" and makes a metaphor, which I don't know how to explain.) Awards are just a game of numbers. There is other news that points out that Eason's upcoming concerts are not selling well. Eason replies that he has never paid attention to news like that and won't care about news like that. All he cares about is the production put into creating the concerts and giving his fans the concert they anticipate because answering to the fans is most important. Giving the fans the concert they anticipate is answering to them.

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