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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Elaine Yiu As Leading Actress For The First Time

Elaine Yiu has been in the entertainment circle for merely 3 years. From being a host, Elaine began starring in TVB television dramas. Her characters in these dramas varied from having a clownish personality to doing evil deeds, her roles can be said to be changing every time. Her supporting role in ‘Revolving Doors of Vengeance’ as the evil cousin as earned her a role in the new television series, 鐵血保鏢, as the leading actress.

Being the leading actress for the first time, Elaine says, “Being the leading actress for the first time does put a lot of pressure on me. Thankfully, the leading male actor in this drama, Steven Ma is experienced and has helped me a lot. In the short time as an actress, I have portrayed different kinds of people. My roles can be divided into good and bad characters, making my image change frequently. (Do you want to become the changing queen?) That is my goal, hoping to bring entertainment to viewers.”

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