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Friday, December 02, 2005

Ella As a Beer Girl

Ella Koon attended an event at a Tsimshatsui bar yesterday in a “beer lady” look, wearing a spiderwebbed coat of green. She sang and played games with the guests, and everyone had an enjoyable time.

Talking about rumored ex-boyfriend Raymond Ho who got married recently, Ella exclaimed, “Congratulations to them! I’ve very happy. I only found out about it from the news recently. Wishing them a happy marriage!” When asked if she had called to congratulate him, she said that it was enough finding out about the happy news from the papers. She also said that she hoped to have a good marriage as well, but for now, she is too career-minded for that.

At the event, Ella invited the male patrons to join her playing games and dancing. When asked if she was not afraid of being harassed, she said, “No lah, I’ve checked out their state of mind first.” (Did any of them ask you to drink?) “Yes, but I rejected them.” (Have you been harassed?) “No, I will retaliate. I’m pretty good at defending myself!”

[X] credit: Ellie @
The Sun


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