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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ella Falls Asleep During Album Cover Photoshoot

After making her debut two years ago, Ella Koon will finally release her album, Ellacadabra. She has finally recieved her company's love as her photoshoot for her album will cost a 6 figure amount. Ella had arranged and designed the scene with the staff, completely satisfying herself.

Ella has been very busy recently. The night before the cover photoshoot, Ella has been working all night long and have not slept. When the staff was setting up the lights and props, she couldn't help it and slept for a while. The director planned to give her 3 hours of sleep time, but who could of imagined that she woke up after sleeping for only half an hour. When she woke up, she repeatedly apologized to the staff, "Sorry! I can continue now!" At the end, she had filmed for 30 hours. She didn't complain at all and was very focused.

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