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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ella Koon: The Mind of A Child

Last year, among the myriad of new female singers, Ella Koon was unable to beat Fiona Sit, whose cute image was quite popular. But Ella still did well as she received several awards. Ella took on 3 movies within one year and acted in "Revolving Doors of Vengeance." Her character as Lee Hoi Sum spiked her popularity greatly.

But there are sacrifices to Ella's popularity. She has had negative rumors with Jaycee Fong, Ron Ng, and her dating history was uncovered. "Angry? I only find the rumors to be funny. Within the last ten years, I've only dated 4 times, I don't think that's too much?! "

Ella's manager said Ella's mind is very valuable, as it is 100% fresh. Whether this is true or not, by coming this far, she is quite smart.

In "Revolving Doors of Vengeance," producer Poon Ka Tak customized the role for Ella. "After Tak Gor read the script and met me, he said the script matches me perfectly." The character of Lee Hoi Sum is a girl who sells fish at the street market; her voice is rough and her roots are realistic. If we compare Ella with Lee Hoi Sum, there is not much similiarity. But as long as Ella's character is accepted, that's fine.

"When I go out, people will call me 'Hoi Sum.' They will say 'see you tonight' [on tv]; I am so satisfied! Now, even the kids and older generation recognize me."

As for her negative rumors, "The worst was when they said I was living with someone. I am against living together before marriage. The reporters always follow me, so they should know this is not the truth. Actually some of the rumors are true and some are not." Which one is true? "I don't want to say, as some of the involved parties are already married and some have their own lives already. I don't want to involve others."

Last year, Ella officially entered the entertainment industry. Her image has been marked by a mature sexiness, as opposed to Fiona Sit, who was introduced with a cute image.

"Because I'm old?!" The 26 year old Ella joked. "It's good that everyone has a different image. My company said this is a more suitable image for me. Actually, I don't intentionally try to be sexy. I've never worn a bikini and usually wear a one piece dress. In other countries, it's very casual. I think I look very natural and it looks good."

Ella is 5'6" and she has a pair of flirtatious eyes and lips like Shu Qi, no wonder she is deemed to be the new generation of sexy female stars. "Actually when I was younger, everyone said I was a tomboy. Now I've been branded to have such a feminine image. Maybe it is the success of my company, my image is able to convince so many people in HK."

You can say that Ella grew up in a sheltered family. Her father has businesses in China and distributes pearls and jade. Ella was born in 1979 during one of her father's business trips. One of her father's stores is called "Yan Na Jewelry," named after Ella's Chinese name. In August 2003, her father bought a $2 million (HKD) 600 sq feet apartment for her to live in.

When Ella was 3, she moved to Macau with her parents. She came back to HK when she was 5. In Form 2, Ella decided she wanted to go to the UK to study. After graduating high school, she came back to HK to become a full time model. "I was very bored while studying in UK. Everyday I would just go to school and I became very depressed. But I was the one who wanted to go to the UK originally. After I signed with my modeling agency, my first job was a photo shoot with Bazaar. It felt nice to have someone do my make-up and take photos of me. So I told my mother that I wanted to stay in HK and become a full time model. My family is very open so they never opposed my decision."

Also, Ella's music company, Boombeat Music, is a small company, with a staff of less than 10 people. Aside from Ella, the only contracted artist is Leung Yu Yan, of course Ella gets a lot of attention. "Although the company is small, the people are very warm. We are like family and they cheer me up when I am unhappy."

Ella became a model when she was 17 and shortly after was selected to star in the Sunday tv commercial. Three years later, she acted in a movie with Bobo Chan in "I Do Love Generation." But it wasn't until 2003 that Ella signed with her current company as a singer.

"When I was a model, you can say I was half in the entertainment industry. I wasn't thinking about becoming an actress then. That's why I refused certain managing contracts at the time. It wasn't until last year, after my modeling contract was almost up, that I signed with my present company under my friend's advice. After I made the movie, I didn't think about furthering my acting career. But a fortune teller once told me that although I am absent minded, I will have some good opportunities."

That's true, as Ella has guest starred in numerous movies in the last 2 years. "I am very happy to have these opportunities as I got a chance to meet Sean Lau, Jordan Chan, and Cecilia Cheung. They are all my idols and it's like fulfilling my dream. As for singing, I always admired Paul Wong. He wrote the lyrics for my first song."

Even if Ella hasn't specialized in one field, she has gained by broadening her opportunities. "If you ask me whether I prefer acting or singing, I can tell you confidently that it's singing. Someone once told me that in the HK market, it is impossible to just be a singer and focus only on singing. I think I am more interested in being a performer rather than just a singer. If I can perform in theater, that would be great. I can sing, dance, and act, while receiving the audience's immediate reaction."

Of course people want to gain more, especially if you start out later and want to achieve as much as possible in a short time span.

Ella is 26 years old and her manager said her brain is the most valuable, as it is completely new; it hasn't been used in the last 26 years. It is hard to say whether Ella has brains or not. But at least Ella is able to make fun of herself, "My current company pitied me. They saw that I was old so they signed me." This doesn't sound like the words of a girl who grew up in a sheltered family.

However, in front of the camera, Ella made a cute face. Of course, Fiona Sit (who has pursued a cute image) has already starred as the lead in two movies.

[X] credit: Jayne @
3 Weekly #314


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