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Friday, December 02, 2005

Ella's Not Afraid of Backlash from Modelling Fur

Ella Koon attended a fur fashion show yesterday next to famous models. Although by now means short, Ella was dwarfed next to the two models, and she laughingly said that she needed to grow taller.

The fur coat that Ella was wearing yesterday cost several tens of thousands. When asked if she felt that the practice of wearing fur was cruel, she said she did not think so. The furs that they were wearing had been removed under humane conditions (the animals had been put to sleep first before the fur was removed), and she said that she could accept wearing such furs.

Was she afraid of being splashed with red paint for wearing furs, Ells a said that such behavour was too radical. She was not afraid of being boycotted or being harassed by animal lovers, because in real life, she is an animal lover. Except for lizards and snakes, she had reared many small animals before and when she was young, she used to sleep with her pet hamster.
A journalist had jokingly called Ella a fox vixen (due to the fur coat she was wearing), and she said that what she was wearing was leopard fur, not fox. As for the fees for this modeling assignment, Ella said she was satisfied, but she was hoping she would get some fur coats sponsored.
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Takungpao, Ming Pao Daily


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