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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ella's unlucky streak

Ella Koon has just returned from San Francisco unwell. While doing a radio interview, she laid her head down the entire duration, and after the interview, she was feeling so giddy that her assistants sent her to the hospital for treatment. After visiting the hospital, she rushed down to Chai Wan to continue work.

Over the phone, Ella said that the doctor diagnosed her to be suffering from a ear-nose-throat infection. He prescribed her medicine and said she should take a break for a while.
It seems that Ella is really unlucky these days. On her way to San Francisco to perform at a Miss Chinese International pageant, she bumped into a strange female Michael Jackson look-alike. Upon arriving, she realized that she brought the wrong visa, and was fined over USD$2,000. However, she perked up after buying a set of pajamas costing $5,000!

[X] credit: Ellie @
The Sun


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