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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fiona Lures Louis Koo To Join Waner Music Co.?

Yesterday, Fiona Sit, Shawn Yue, Wilfred Lau and Kary Ng accepted an interview together. There have been recent reports saying that Fiona ‘lured’ Louis Koo to join Warner Music Company. When asked to comment on this issue, Fiona said that she did not do anything and that she did not know Louis at all. But she hopes that Louis will join Warner and expressed that if the reports are true, it should be a happy thing because more people will be under the company’s management.

There have also been rumours that if Louis official joins the company, he will be taking over Aaron Kwok’s place as the leader of the singers. Fiona stated that she believes that no one can take over anyone else because everyone is special in different ways. Even though Fiona has not heard Louis sing live, she has heard his albums and believes that Louis sings with passion. Fiona also likes watching Louis movies. When asked if she will have chances to work with Louis, Fiona said that it is up to her company.

When Kary arrived yesterday, she gave all the singers Christmas pudding. She explained that she had to cancel her meeting with them on Christmas day because of work. Shawn said happily that he won money on Christmas and paid for everyone’s meal.

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