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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Frankie Lam Gets Good Ratings For His Good Doings

Yesterday, the cast of TVB’s television drama, Herbalist Manual, Frankie Lam, Kenneth Ma and Selena Li visited an elderly retirement home. The cast did taichi with the elderly, ate ‘tong yoon’ and gave the elderly gloves.

Earlier, Frankie went to the mountainous regions of mainland China to visit the people living there. Frankie believes that participating in such activities and helping the needy, makes him happy. To participate in these activities, Frankie did not start work in his new series. Frankie has also adopted a child before. He gave money to help this child for more than 10 years and when the child was fully independent, he went on to adopt another child. Frankie and Kenix Kwok are ready to become parents. Frankie believes that having a baby is easy but to teach them is the hardest task. The rating of this series was good which makes Frankie surprised. Frankie believes that the good ratings came from all the good things he has done.

Selena will be going to mainland to work on a series, causing her not to be in Hong Kong for a while. When seeing a toothless old person, Selena said that it looked cuter than a baby. Selena said that she would rather spend her time with an old person than a baby.

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