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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Gallen Lo

Throughout the interview, Gallen Lo kept smoking, with the smoke from his cigarettes blurring the image of his face.

Since leaving TVB in May 2003, there has been very little rumors about Gallen. The only recent news has been about his filming projects in China. In July 2002, Gallen had a lot of negative rumors, including his marital problems with his wife Fong Man Yee. Was Jessica Hsuan the third party? Also in December 2002, Gallen had a drunk driving incident; who was the female passenger on board at the time?

As to these questions, Gallen didn't respond to them directly and didn't mention Jessica's name. "At the time, I can only tell the truth. If I didn't, the media would eventually find out anyway."

Over the course of his career, Gallen doesn't do interviews often. He doesn't like to self-promote himself and at the same time, he likes to remain low key. As for today's interview, it was part of a promotion for his movie, "Divergence."

Recalling from the past, Gallen granted the most interviews during the back half of 2002.

His Wife
In July 2002, Gallen acknowledged that he was experiencing marital problems. Rumors indicated that Jessica Hsuan was the third party. As Gallen and his wife "were trying to save their relationship," Gallen made a lot of public appearances with Jessica, such as wearing matching outfits. Also after he won the favorite actor award at the TVB anniversary, Gallen thanked Jessica, but forgot to mention his wife in his excitement. Also in December 2002, the eve before his birthday, he was drunk driving and his license was suspended for 15 months. Also in the car was a female passenger. A few days later, he made a public appearance with his wife and calmed the press' negative rumors.

"Till this day, I haven't regretted that at the time I said I was experiencing marital problems. Because this is the truth. Before telling the press, I had discussed it with my wife. As to what happened in our marriage, a few years ago, I already stated the facts in a magazine interview, so I will not repeat it again."

"After that incident, my wife and I didn't have any scars in our relationship. Married couples will always have arguments, but we normally make up after 5 minutes."

Gallen met his wife, Fong Man Yee, in 1982 at night school. They dated for 16 years before getting married in Canada in 1998. In 2000, their son, Lo Yu Sing, was born.

The reporter said Gallen has a good wife. Gallen reflected and said, "Yes...yes, I like my wife's kindness, patience, and tolerance. Now she doesn't work anymore (her previous job was at I-Cable). After a woman has a child, it is more suitable for her to stay home and take care of the child. That incident (2002 marital problem and car accident) has not affected us at all. My wife has not changed either, so I'm very happy!"

Third Party
Jessica Hsuan was rumored to be involved in both incidents. At the time, Gallen vehemently opposed the rumors with Jessica and said he owes her an apology as a result of the rumors. However after he made a public appearance with his wife in December 2002, Gallen has not mentioned Jessica's name afterwards again, as it was in this interview.

"I was very angry at the person who said there was a third party! However, I'm an actor and it's inevitable that the press will write about these rumors. But I was very angry that the rumors involved my family and I couldn't accept that! So I tried to clarify the rumors as quickly as possible. I did a lot of interviews over the phone and prepared as to how I would respond to certain questions. I remember at the time of the car accident, the headlines were huge! I know I did wrong. I am a positive person, so I thought about how I could make the situation better."

His Son
Throughout the interview, Gallen mentioned his son often. His son, Lo Yu Sing, is 5 years old now. In September, his son entered first grade. According to Gallen, his son is easy to discipline. "My wife taught him very well. He has very good manners, he will even say 'please' to his grandmother and I. He is very organized. When he was 4 years, he already picked up after his toys. He does his homework too. He loves to watch Cartoon Network. He likes Peter Pan because of his magic skills. He has a sense of righteousness and wants to be a police offer. On Halloween, I took him out to play. When he saw some foreigners, he said he wanted to turn into Spiderman and protect me!"

Last year Gallen filmed 4 series in China and couldn't spend a lot of time with his son. Gallen could only call home and talk to his son 4 or 5 times a day. "A father is usually a son's idol. Each time he sees me on television, his eyes would be glued to the tv with admiration. When he sees my picture in the newspaper, he would ask what the article is about. Whenever he sees me, he will think of ways to play with me and ask me to play in his band. When we go out, he would want me to carry him in my arms, but at the same time embarrassed that his friends might see. Haha! In the past, I didn't like children much until I had my son."

#1 Brother
In 1985, Gallen joined the singing contest and entered TVB in 1986 and had worked there for 16 years. In May 2003, after his contract was up with TVB, he signed with a China production company. At the TVB anniversary that year, Gallen's standing position moved from front row center to third or fourth row status. "Actually that time, my position was not preplanned, so I just stood wherever I wanted. My personality is that I don't want to fight for attention...."

Gallen said that he doesn't reminsce about the days he was the number one brother at TVB. He wanted to move on and improve and doesn't care that his popularity is going down. "I just know that in tv history, I was the first actor branded as number one brother. Over my 16 year career at TVB, I have received the Favorite Male Actor award 3 times. And my album received double platinum status. What more can you ask for?"

" I have received many awards over the last 16 years. My wife wanted to put them in a visible place in our home, but I like being low key. So in the end we placed them in a corner space. Luckily over the last 16 years, I have gained many tv fans and have recognition in China. Now under my new mangament contract, my earnings have increased. When my parents wanted to go on vacation, I could pay for them. This is what made me the happiest!"

While Gallen said he will not dwell on his TVB past, he mentioned "16 years" three times, the time when he started from the bottom and climbed to his highest peak.

Gallen's wife manages all of his earnings. When the earnings are high, they will discuss together how to spend it. Two years ago, after signing with his new production company, he bought a $15 million (HKD) home. Last year after his license was reactivated, he bought a Volvo Jeep to make driving around his family easier.

To accommodate the photo shoot, Gallen smoked 5 cigarettes consecutively. Gallen started smoking 13 years ago and now he smokes 3 packs a day. He enjoys inhaling the smoke into his lungs.

As Gallen's earnings increase, his goals become bigger as well. He said, "It's much better than to put it in a bank as the interest rate is so poor."

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Express Weekly #349


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