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Friday, December 02, 2005

Gigi and Moses Buys Lunch for "Beneath The Charm" Crew

Gigi Lai and Kenix Kwok were rumoured enemies-turn-friends during the run-up to the TVB Anniversary Show earlier on. However, with Kenix rejecting the role in Tai Chi and facing a possible freeze by TVB, Gigi had now drawn clear lines between Kenix and herself, to prevent any possible backlash to herself.

Beneath the Charm has just finished its run in Hong Kong. Gigi and Moses Chan have together hosted a lunch celebration for all front and backstage crew. Among the cast that attended the lunch were Mandy Cho and Yoyo Mung. The serial has chalked up an average rating of 32 points during its run, with a highest of 36 points. Gigi believed that this was quite ok, even though director was not pleased with the results. As an actress, Gigi considers doing her best as the most important.

Gigi said, “We had to film the series in three months, so most things were rushed. During the 3 months, I was also sick but I believe working on this drama was worth it as the results are great.”

Her major production for next year, Dance of Passion, will be airing in April next year. The show is amongst the “must watch” serials for next year was filmed like a movie production. When asked if she was confident in being nominated for the Best Actress Award for the third year running, Gigi laughed and said, “Nah, it’s ok! The most important thing is that the series goes well.”

When asked about Kenix’s recent news, Gigi said that she did not know the full details, and refused to comment. She said that she had been communicating with Kenix through SMSes, unlike the long phone chats that she and Kenix used to have before the Anniversary Show. When asked if she would replace Kenix in Tai Chi, she said that it would not be possible as she would be filming in Jan and Feb next year. Does she think the company would boycott Kenix? She said that that was up to the company to decide and it did not involve her.

Moses is scheduled to film Land of Wealth next month in Heng Dian, China referred to reports that while filming in China previously, a female student approached him, offering to be his assistant for free. He said, “I asked her to return to her studies. I would hire male assistants as it would be more convenient.”

Following his experience filming War and Beauty in China last time round, knowing that it would be very cold, he has invested over a thousand dollars to buy long johns (an underwear of sorts) that would keep off the wind. He said, “The last time, I wore over 10 shirts, and even then it was not warm enough. So, I’ve bought this; I would rather break out in a sweat than freeze.”

Yoyo Mung was extremely late for the lunch yesterday, holding everyone up for 45 minutes. Puffing and panting, she explained, “I remembered the dater wrongly! I had forgotten about it until one of the crew called me. I’m so sorry everyone!”

On BTC’s ratings, she said she was very happy, and that she had guessed correctly that this would be a show which would get better the longer you watched it, and the characters were also very loveable.

Mandy Cho would be headed back to New York to study a jewelry design course for at least 6 – 9 months. When asked if she would miss things in Hong Kong, Mandy said she would be back as her contract with TVB still has a few years on it.

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The Sun, Takungpao


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