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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Gillian Chung Practices For Upcoming Concert

Two nights ago, Gillian Chung from Twins went to her concert rehearsals alone. During the upcoming concert, she will be giving a KungFu performance along with other KungFu trainers for about three minutes of time. Even though Gillian has learned KungFu before, she frankly expressed that it's a great physical change. While practicing, Gillian was almost kicked in the face by a KungFu trainer, but fortunately, he has experience and brought his leg back before kicking onto Gillian's face.

During the concert, Gillian is arranged to have a solo performance of KungFu for three minutes, yet right after it, she has to go right to singing and doing a fast dance with Charlene Choi. Though according to the time schedule, Gillian is able to take a small break and grab a bite to eat after performing, but Gillian give a bitter smile expressing that after doing KungFu and a dance and then eating; it could possibly make her throw up.

Gillian, who has learned KungFu before, frankly expressed that the performance this time is very different than filming a movie, she said, "This performance has to be one time through. When filming a movie, we're able to stop and take different angles of the shot; therefore, having time to rest, but this time, it goes straight through the three minutes." Because Gillian has injured herself before using wires while filming movies, she will not be hanging from any wires this time. Asking if Gillian is worried that she won't be able to handle dancing, singing and doing KungFu through one whole period time, she responded, "I'll do my best; right now, I have taken more time to practice my breathing skills while singing. I think this is a huge challenge for my physical abilities."

During the practice, Gillian was almost hit by a KungFu trainer, she said, "There was a time of because I turned in the wrong direction, I was almost got kicked in the face; fortunately, he was able to retrieve his kick." As to if Gillian has hit anyone by accident, she replied, "The KungFu trainer often tells me not to be so nervous. Relax and tells me to use all my strength to go kick at time and not to worry so much that I often flinch when sending kicks." Towards this challenging performance, does Gillian feel any pressure? She responded, "Other have told me not to be afraid. In conclusion, it means as soon as it starts, I better not stop because if I get scared, my expressions always show it all." Her assistants could only console Gillian that she's the most comfortable one out of all the performances, since she's able to put on sneakers, while Charlene is going to have to wear high heels.

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