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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Gillian & Stephen Experiences Creepy Incidents

Gillian Chung and Stephen Fung’s latest movie production will be in cinemas on February of next year. Trailers of this movie are already airing in cinemas, promoting this movie which is set in the 1930s with a series of weird events. During the filming of this movie, Gillian and Stephen themselves experienced inconceivable events.

It is said that on the 14th of July, Gillian and Stephen were shooting a scene where the ghost returns to its grave. The set was gloomy, filled with money that is burnt for the dead and candles, making it look very creepy. During the filming of this scene, something weird happened which was later recalled by Gillian and Stephen. Gillian said, “I remember that the atmosphere of the set was very humid. There was no wind so the crew had to make artificial wind to make the money blow. Suddenly, when we were filming a gust of wind blew out of no where and it started to rain. But when we finished filming the scene, the humid atmosphere came back! After that happened, I felt very uncomfortable. I did not dare go anywhere at night. I wanted to go to the toilet but I was afraid. I had to wait 8 hours later till I went.”

“When I was working on this movie I lived in a newly renovated inn. One day when I did not work, I had a rest. Suddenly I could not move my body. As I lived in the same room as my assistant, all I could do was scream for help. After several minutes, everything was back to normal. When I think about it know, I don’t now if it did happen or was I dreaming,” Gillian recounted.

Gillian when filming this movie, had a secret weapon. Her manager had given her a safety charm. Whenever weird things happened to her, all she needed to do was hold onto the charm and scream, and then after several minuted everything would become normal.

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