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Friday, December 02, 2005

Gillian & Stephen Profits From Their New Movie

Gillian Chung and Stephen Fung have finished filming their latest movie, 《犀照》. Gillian’s acting in this movie, could be said to be her breakthrough performance while Stephen has lost 10 pounds from working on this movie.

The cast and workers held a celebration for this movie in Hong Kong. During the celebration, Stephen said that he profited from the movie because he has lost weight, he said, “The place where we filmed was pretty hot. When working, it didn’t take a long time till I was soaking wet from sweat. Due to the difference in food availability from Hong Kong, I mainly ate breads. This movie, has made me see different things. The best thing is that under no matter what circumstances, there were always people surrounding us to see what we were doing. Some people even brought food and sat in a corner to watch us! The whole production has helped me to understand how to work in mainland which helps my career as a director.” After finishing work on this movie, Gillian believes that her choice in what roles she can play has widened. Gillian said, “This was my first time playing a lawyer. I can’t believe that I was able to act as a professional and serious personnel. But the most important thing is that through this movie, I realised that my emotion showing skills have improved. I hope to perform in more movies like these, so I will be able to improve my acting even more!”

The director of the movie said that if the movie does will in Hong Kong, he will pay for the cast and crew to go on a holiday. But he is confident that the movie will do well because everyone has put 100% effort on this production.
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