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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Idols Talk About Karaoke Experiences

Gigi Leung, Eason Chan, Joey Yung, Alex Fong, Niki Chow and Ron Ng attended the opening ceremony of a karaoke bar. At the ceremony, Gigi said that after entering the music industry she has not sung karaoke much and spent her time singing in the bath instead. Gigi said that she likes singing her own songs the most. When singing karaoke, she will sing other people’s songs. Gigi loves singing Sandy Lam and Faye Wong songs at karaoke bars. When asked if she will sing her boyfriend, Ekin Cheng’s songs, Gigi said that they did not have the same ‘key’ so she will not sing his songs.

When talking about singing karaoke, Gigi’s record time is singing for nine hours. That time, she was in Taiwan and had just seen a horror movie with some girl friends. They did not dare to go to sleep so went to sing karaoke instead. Gigi said that she use to go crazy by singing karaoke at home until the neighbours complained.

Eason has not been singing karaoke much recently. Due to the different pitches of songs, when singing karaoke, Eason usually sounds liked a cartoon character. Eason said that when singing karaoke, people should not smoke in the rooms. Whenever Eason goes to sing karaoke, he loves singing his idol, Jacky Cheung’s songs. Eason will sing to Jacky’s concert disk till it ends.

Alex usually goes to sing karaoke bars with his friends. Alex said he will always get a room close to the toilets because he will always end up in the toilet due to alcohol consumption. Alex said that if he gets drunk, he will talk a lot and likes to flex his muscles and will tell his friends to touch the muscles.

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