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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Interview with Marco Ngai

Marco Ngai thinks he’s born to be in the entertainment line. Indeed, this Hong Kong actor is naturally animated, amusing and an extrovert no doubt, making him a delightful and ‘entertaining’ interviewee. “I love to talk. I’m an outgoing and playful person,” confessed the 38-year-old in Cantonese.

Now, he’s a familiar face on TVB’s drama series, having starred in numerous series since his key roles in Snowy Mountain Flying Fox in 1993 to the more recent Catch the Uncatchable and Armed Reaction 1-4. The 1.78m tall and tanned Marco is perhaps most remembered for his role as a high rank police in Armed Reaction and the blond-haired villain in Crime of Passion.

Marco flew into Kuala Lumpur as the new celebrity spokesperson for Svenson Hair Care Malaysia and Singapore and appeared at a press conference together with Svenson’s four local ambassadors – Albert Ch’ng, 43, Rumaizi Hamdi, 29, Philip Wong, 26 and Lim Pei Lu, 17 About two years ago, he began to suffer from chronic hair loss, due to a combination of genetic, work-related and stress factors. The anxiety of losing his hair and revealing ugly bald patches affected himquite badly. He ended up gaining close to 10kg.“I love exercise and sports but because my hair was dropping, I stopped going out for exercises. I also started bingeing on food.”

To make things worse, his hair loss problem was exposed to the public when the paparazzi tailed him and took photos of him browsing through books on hair-loss, and of him buying hair-enhancing products in drug stores. “My hair is very important to me, especially as an actor. It affected my confidence. I also feared for my career. I might not be cast for certain roles because of my hair problem.“I’m used to playing someone’s son and not someone’s father,” he said.

Then he discovered Svenson and tried out the treatment. He was so relieved that it gradually helped him get his hair back. “The treatment was relaxing. There was no pain at all and best of all, no pills to take,” he said. After intensive treatment for six months, he is now only going back for maintenance. With his hair back, he also managed to shed the extra pounds to return to his ideal weight of 73kg. However, Marco insists he’s not pre-occupied with his looks as he’s never been the ‘idol type’.

Marco, who’s currently filming some TV series in China, said his next project with TVB would only be in February next year. But he said he was sick of playing policemen or a villains. “I would like to attempt something different. Maybe play a doctor since I’ve not done one or someone who’s slightly retarded. I want to try all kinds of roles and not be typecast.’’

He also disclosed his ‘secret ambition’ – he would like to sing and be a recording artiste. “I feel I can sing,” he said with a confident smile. “At karaoke, I’m the best singer among all.” Not many people, including his fans, may know that before becoming a TV actor in 1993, he spent five years working on stage musicals.

Marco would like to release his first album in Mainland China first as he wants to sing Mandarin songs.“I think songs in Cantonese are not nice because lyrics don’t sound good in Cantonese. Mandarin songs are beautiful and I always listen to them,” he said, quoting Jacky Cheung, Phil Chang and Jay Chou as some of his favourite singers.

As Ngai will continue shooting TV series in China, he hopes to release his first album in 2007 as he’s quite tied up next year. But he will continue acting of course.

In Armed Reaction, his on-screen wife Sam Yuen happens to be his real-life girlfriend Joyce Tang whom he has dated for eight years now. The relationship, he said, is very stable and though there are no immediate plans to tie the knot, he will announce it one day. “I won’t hide such things. But the media speculated so much that once someone said that I have a son! It was so funny!” he laughed.

“I’m not Alan Tam (whose nine-year-old son was finally exposed last year) but I want to be like him as I think I will never retire from this line.“After all, he’s ‘25’ and I’m only 24,” he laughed again.

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