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Friday, December 02, 2005

Interview with Raymond, Ron, Myolie and Sonja in Malaysia - Part 3

Older woman, younger man?
Raymond reveals a soft spot for pony-tailed girls

It turns out that the crushes Raymond had when he was younger were all girls with ponytails. Till today, he reveals that he still has a soft spot for them. “Every time I see a girl with a ponytail, I can’t help but to glance at her a few more times,” he said. As for his ideal girlfriend, she should have long hair, be tall, elegant and possess beautiful manners.

Raymond’s latest works have all been martial arts series, but comparatively, he says he prefers filming modern serials. “I prefer things to be natural and comfortable, and modern day serials gives you the flexibility to react on the spot, unlike period dramas which is very inflexible.”

In La Femme Desperado, Raymond takes on his first younger man in love with an older woman (Melissa Ng) role. He is also pursued by Sheren Tang who wants him to be her sperm donor, and would finally sleep with both in the show. Raymond emphasizes that it is not an R-rated show, but the joker that he is, he claimed that both Melissa and Sheren are “very lucky ladies”.

“In real life, I am not opposed to such relationships, but the age gap shouldn’t be too wide (say 2 –3 years?). The most important thing is how well “preserved” the girl’s looks are,” he said.

Other than filming, Raymond said that he liked to try out different paths such as movies and singing, but these are still dreams that would not materialize so soon. Soon, he would be headed towards China to film Tai Chi with Chiu Man Cheok, and he said that he was looking forward to it greatly. As for his future goals, he said that he would strive to win the My Favourite Actor Award next. He said, “Although I have joined show business for 7 years now, I believe that there’s still a lot I can learn from the veterans.”

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Kwong Wah Daily, Sin Chew Daily


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