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Friday, December 02, 2005

Interview with Raymond, Ron, Myolie and Sonja in Malaysia - Part 4

Waiting to film Triumph in the Skies II
Ron to release an album this month

Ron, who has been romantically linked with Myolie before, also revealed that he, too, hoped to take on a role of a mute!

“I think that acting as a mute would be very challenging as you would have to depend on your body language; it would be a great role to stretch oneself.” Nonetheless, good roles are difficult to come by, and Ron said that even taking on flawed characters is not that bad a deal.

Ron is a old friend of Raymond’s, and the two had previously visited Malaysia previously to participate in an Anti-Drugs concert. So, we know what Ray’s looking for in a girl, but how about Ron? “She has to have long hair, be tall and elegant, have beautiful manners, and should be filial to her parents … that’s important.” When the journalists noticed that Ron’s criteria were similar to Ray’s, they asked him if they would ever fall for the same girl. Ron immediately said, “No, that’s not possible. We have very different tastes. Girls that I think are pretty, he does not agree, and vice versa.”

So far, rumours have arisen with whichever actresses that he co-starred next too, e.g. Myolie and Ella Koon. He helplessly replied, “These are just rumours. Having worked with one another for a period if time, it would be natural to be able to laugh and talk to one another.”

Having just completed War and Destiny, he would be moving on to film Triumph in the Skies II. “Triumph was my very first production, and it was also the show that got audiences to notice me, so I am looking forward to filming the sequel. However, as the filming was dependent on the airline, so until now, there hasn’t been a firm start date for filming,” he said. If he was to choose which role has been his most outstanding so far, he said it would be Revolving Doors of Vengeance.

Other than filming, Ron is coming up with his Cantonese album which would hit the stores this month. The new album would mostly feature fast-tempo songs, and fans can expect him to be showing off his dance moves to these songs.

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Kwong Wah Daily, Sin Chew Daily


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