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Friday, December 02, 2005

Interview with Raymond, Ron, Myolie and Sonja in Malaysia - Part 5

Shaking off ornamental roles
Sonja tackles role as a female thief

As an ex-MHK, Sonja’s image amongst her audience is one that is gentle and beautiful. Following her role in Angels on a Mission, in which she plays an agile cop, and other action dramas, Sonja now hopes to tackle a role as a swordswoman. A role she hopes to play in the future? An agile thief that is an ugly duckling by day and a beautiful sexy thief by night.

Many actresses have been known to surrender when it comes to filming martial arts or action films and it was very easy to get hurt on the set? Isn’t Sonja afraid? “I’m not afraid! After all, I’m now a martial arts expert who can tote guns, wield swords and kick ass .. ha ha …”

Since breaking up with Derick Wan, the currently single Sonja reveals that her love life is currently non-existent, largely because of her long periods of filming in China. “Girls naturally harbour dreams of romance, but I’m now focused on my career, and that doesn’t leave me time for a relationship.”

[X] credit: Ellie @
Kwong Wah Daily and Sin Chew Daily


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