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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

An Interview With Yoyo Mung

Most artistes would love seeing themselves making the headlines, but Yoyo Mung is an exception. She said that she is very fearful of headlines, as they are generally not kind to the artiste involved. Fearing the inevitable pressures that come with being in the news, Yoyo would rather not make any news. All she hopes for is to one day move people with her acting, act in a role as popular as Lisa Wang’s War of In-Laws, and to be a good person.

Yoyo has been in the business for 8 years, and her path to stardom has been pretty smooth. She first started out with leading lady roles in the moves, acting alongside actors like Lau Ching Wan in Expect the Unexpected 《非常突然》and Andy Lau in Running Out of Time 《暗戰》. She then turned her focus to TV serials in recent years. To many of Yoyo’s initial fans, this was a big surprise, for given her criteria, they felt that she would have made it bigger if she had continued to stay on in the movie industry. However, Yoyo has a different opinion.

“Life is full of different paths and different choices. The movie industry is not doing very well now, and even actors need to be able to support themselves. I am very happy to have gained support from some of the big movie directors, but I can only film 1-2 movies a year. With serials, I still get chances to act in leading roles and to act in roles with character development, so I don’t see it as being very different from acting in movies. Besides, with TV serials, I get more opportunities of being recognised by the audience as compared to movies.”

Drawing a line
Yoyo cares very much about her career in the entertainment business, and she also knows how the game is played. However, she has certain principles that she feels very strongly about. “I don’t like to create rumours, and I hate the headlines. I understand that the more headlines one makes, the more notice you will get from your audience. However, I prefer the audience to notice me based on my acting skills and not because of the rumours surrounding me. And if I do make it to the headlines, I hope that it will be good news, not bad. Take Angela Tong for example. After so many years, she has finally gained recognition with her win – I was so touched! I firmly believe that as long as you can act and as long as you try hard, the audience will know and appreciate it.”

Her goal for the moment? “Right now, most people would describe Yoyo as “ok”. I want to be more than “ok”. I hope to be able to immerse myself in the characters that I play, and I hope that in the near future, I would be able to have my own definitive role like that of WOIL, that the audience will like.”

Learning from Aida
Other than Liza Wang, the other person that Yoyo admires a great deal is Aida Choi. Although they aren’t that familiar with one another, she is full of praise for her. “She’s not only pretty, a firm Christian, but she also treats people with warmth and sincerity.” Yoyo, who is also a Christian, said that she hopes to learn from Aida and be a good a person as she can be.

A rocky romance path
Being as pretty as she is, Yoyo is highly eligible, but every relationship she has been failed to bear fruit so far. Her ex-boyfriends have also found someone new very soon after ending their relationship. There has also been rumours that her best friend has been a third-party in one of her relationship, so it seems that Yoyo has been the one hurt the most so far.

“Firstly, I would like to clarify that she was a friend, not my best friend,” Yoyo said. “Actually, it is all water under the bridge now. I am not desperate for a new relationship; I won’t die just because I am single.”

Being the “loser” that she has been so far, shouldn’t she reassess herself to see where the problem lies? Yoyo replied smilingly, “I don’t think I have any problems with myself. Relationships are all fated anyway. However, I don’t really have any confidence about romance and relationships, maybe because I was an ugly duckling when I was young. I was awkward and gangly, and was the butt of jokes. As such, I don’t really have very much self-confidence, and I don’t find any security in relationships. However, having grown older, I don’t take things to heart that much, and I believe that the process, rather than the ending, is more important.”

Romance is not the be-all and end-all, and although she has been hurt before, Yoyo maintains her positive outlook on life, and for now, her career and family comes first for her. “My signing on with TVB this year has been the best move I’ve made so far. Actually, the day of the contract signing was actually my birthday, and TVB had bought me this big birthday cake. I was so touched! It’s this sense of concern that makes me feel a sense of belonging to TVB.”

Happy Family
Yoyo’s relationship with her family has been on the mend these days. When she was younger, she was separated from them, so their relationship has always been a little cool. However, things have improved, and Yoyo and her family often meet for tea nowadays. This improvement has been a source of strength and satisfaction for her.

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